Army of Worms

Chinese Christians have referred to themselves as worms. We are easily crushed and killed. But we overcome opposition through our persistent faith in Jesus Christ. Strong walls are weakened and overthrown by worms.

The Great Wall of China was constructed at the cost of countless human laborers. For many years it repelled invaders from the north. Today it has little military value.

During the cultural revolution, communication between East and West was difficult. Christians risked their lives to smuggle Bibles into China. This wall of repression became known as the Bamboo Curtain. In eastern Europe the wall of repression was called the Iron Curtain. Finally the wall that divided east and west Berlin was torn down. All Germany rejoiced along with the rest of the world.

Many years ago Beijing university students demonstrated for freedom at Tianmen Square. They were met with bullets from guns and crushed by armored tanks. They died like worms. The parents mourned the loss of their brave sons and daughters. Many people felt that freedom was a lost cause at that time. Today thousands remember the courage of these faithful young martyrs.

Recently China was repressed by censorship of the internet. This became known as the Great Firewall. Messages about religion and politics were blocked. Chinese Christians prayed. Today the Mandarin Holy Bible is available in every province. Receive your free copy of the Bible while there is freedom!

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The webmaster of GospelGo lives in a village of Wisconsin, USA. The largest spruce tree in the village was in his back yard. One night it fell down without warning. It was discovered that pine beetles invaded the trunk. The great tree no longer was able to stand.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our example. He suffered and died for us on the cruel cross. He paid for our sin and guilt with his own blood. In his agony he was crushed as a worm. His body was so marred that he no longer resembled a man. He said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Three days later God raised his son from dead. Today he forgives us. There is no better hope. Come, follow Jesus!