Our Business Plan

"The king's business requireth haste."

How many times have you attended an inspiring meeting? You were challenged to serve the Lord. But the next day you say, "That was a lot of great talk. What do I do now?"

McDonalds and Coca-Cola enjoy international success because they do one thing well - and do it over and over again. GospelGo has a business plan. It is so simple a high school student can follow it and have good success!

Our Business Plan
1 Have a winning message.
2 Advertise it well.
3 Get results.

Our winning message is the gospel playlist. Each playlist is targeted to the country we are reaching for Jesus Christ.

We advertise our message through reliable and proven internet advertisers. Typically we reach 3 to 10 students with every advertising penny. (You pay the advertiser. GospelGo receives no penny.)

We get results when the student downloads the Holy Bible in his language. About one out of four students will do so. A student receives Jesus without downloading anything. Heaven records these results.

A missionary saw great revival in his field. He observed that John Wesley was just an ordinary man until he was clothed with Power from on high. "What!" retorted a distinguished minister. "We preach better today than Wesley ever did." The missionary answered, "Are you getting Wesley's results?"

By the grace of God, GospelGo is getting results. And we prove it.

Our Business

Our Business Plan