How God Word Com Mit Us

1 From wen taim bigin na im di word dey, and di word dey wit God, and God kpa kpa Imsef na im bi di word. 2 Di word dey wit God from wen taim bigin. 3 Na im make everitin and if no bi sey na in make dem, dem for nor dey for dis world. 4 Na im bi life and dat life na im bi di lite wey pipol get. 5 Di lite dey shine for darkness but darkness no gri wit Am. 6 One man wey God send kon com, E name na John. 7 E com bear witness for di lite, make everi persin get di chance to take biliv wetin God tok tru Am. 8 Nor bi John imsef bi di lite, but e com tok to pipol about di lite. 9 Di tru lite wey go giv lite to everibodi go com for dis world. 10 E dey inside di world wey En Imsef make but di pipol no sabi Am. 11 E com mit En own pipol but dem say dem nor want Am. 12 but everi persin wey receive Am di pipol wey biliv for in name, E giv dem di right to bi God pikin. 13 Dem go bi God pikin nor bi as dem mama and papa born dem from belle or bicos somebodi make dem so, but bicos God Imsef na im make dem En own pikin. 14 Den di word com bicom persin and kon stay wit us for dis world. We kon si En glory wey bi sey na Em bi di only persin wey get correct favor and trut, wey God send com mit us. 15 Wen Jon bigin tok of Am, e kon dey shout, sey, “Dis na di persin wey I tel una about, wey I tok sey “Di persin wey go com afta mi big pass mi, bicos E dey bifor mi. 16 We all wey dey for dis world don receive one beta tin or anoda from En hand. 17 Na tru Mosis God giv us di law but God kon bring correct favor and trut to us tru Jisos Christ. 18 No persin don fit si God bifor. But Jisos Christ wey E bi God Imsef, wey en and di Papa bi di closest padi, na im show us how God bi.

Wetin Jon the Baptist Tok about Jisos

19 Dis na wetin Jon tok about Jisos wey di Ju oga kpata kpata dem wey dey for Jerusalem kon send priests and levites kon ask am, sey, “Who yu bi sef?” 20 En kon tok sey, e nor lai but tok true sey, “I nor bi di Christ”. 21 Den dem kon ask am, “Na who yu bi? Abi yu bi Elaijah”? E kon say, “I no bi Elajah”. Dem kon ask am again, “Yu bi di prophet?” E kon say, “Nooo!” 22 Den dem com ask am sey “Who yu bi sef?. Make yu tel us so we go know wetin to tel di pipol wey send us. Who yu say yu bi?” 23 Jon kon say, “Na mi bi dat vois wey dey shout inside wilderness dey tok sey, “Make una make di road of di Lord straight oo” as Isaiah tok bifor. 24 Bicos na di Farisi pipol send dem 25 Dem kon ask Jon sey, “Wetin dey make yu dey baptize if yu nor bi di Christ, or Eliajah or di profet?” 26 Jon kon tel dem, “I dey baptize wit wota, but among una, one persin dey wey una nor know 27 E go com afta mi. I nor reach di persin wey go loose di lace wey dey en shu”. 28 All dis tins kon dey hapun for Betani wen yu cross Jordan, wer Jon dey baptize pipol. 29 Wen day break Jon kon si Jisos dey waka com mit am, Jon kon tok sey, “Make una look.oo. Dis na di Lamb of God wey go take di sin of di world comot. 30 Na dis persin I tel una sey “Afta mi, one man go com wey big pass mi bicos E dey bifor mi. 31 Mi kpakpa nor sabi am bifor but I com I dey baptize wit wota so dat God go show who Jisos bi to Isreal. 32 Den Jon bear witness sey, “I si di Spirit of God dey com down like dove from heaven, and E com land for Jisos head. 33 I nor know Am bifor but di persin wey send mi com baptize wit wota tel mi sey, “Di persin wey yu go si di Spirit land for En head and stay der, na im bi di persin wey go baptize wit di Holi Spirit. 34 I don si Am and I bear witness sey, “Dis man na di persin wey God select”. 35 Wen day kon break, Jon com stand der wit two of en discipols 36 As dem dey look Jisos wen E dey waka pass, Jon com say Look o o o, na dat persin bi di Lamb of God”. 37 Wen Jon two discipols com hear wetin e tok, dem kon follow Jisos. 38 Wen Jisos kon turn round, E kon si di discipols dey follow Am. E kon ask dem sey, “Wetin una want? Dem kon tel Am sey, “Oga, (wey min Tichia) wer yu dey stay?” 39 Jisos com ansa dem “Make una com si am”. “So dem com si di place wey E dey stay, and dem com stay wit Am dat day. Dat taim na about 4 O’clock for atfanoon.

Wetin Andrew Tok about Jisos

40 Andrew, Simon Pita broda, na one of di two discipols wey hear wetin Jon tok and kon follow Jisos 41E kon first go find en own broda Simon and kon tel am sey, Wi don si, di Messiah (wey min Christ). 42 Andrew kon bring Simon com mit Jisos. Wen Jisos kon si am E tel am sey, “Yu bi Simon, Jon pikin, na Cifas (wey min Pita) dem go dey call yu from today go.

Jisos Call More Discipols

43 Wen day kon break, Jisos bi wan go Galili. Wen E kon si Fillip, em kon tel am sey, “Make yu follow Mi”. 44 (Now Fillip com from Betsaida, di home town of Andrew and Pita) 45 Fillip kon si Nataniel and e kon tel am sey, “Wi don si di persin wey Mosis write about for di buk of di law and di profets also write about Am sey – Jisos wey com from Nazaret, wey bi Josef pikin. 46 Nataniel com reply am sey, “Any gud tin go fit com out from Nazaret so?” Fillip kon reply am, “Make yu com si”. 47 Wen Jisos com si Nataniel dey waka com mit Am E com shout sey, “Look, dis na gud Persin wey com from Isreal e nor get wayo for belle”. 48 Nataniel kon ask Am sey, “How yu take know mi” Jisos kon ansa am sey “Bifor Fillip call yu wen yu dey unda di tree I don si yu 49 Nataniel kon ansa am “Oga, tru, tru yu bi God pikin and na yu bi di king of Isreal” 50 Jisos tel am say, Bicos I tel yu sey I si yu unda di fig tree yu biliv wetin I tok. Yu go si wetin big pass dis one. 51 Den E kon say, “I dey tel una tru word, una go si heaven open and di angels of God go dey waka up and down on top of God pikin.


Jisos Turn Wota into Wain

1 Wen three days don pass, one marriage kon dey hapun for Cana, wey dey for Galili. Jisos mama go for di marriage. 2 Dem also invite Jisos and en discipols com for marriage. 3 Wen di wain kon finish, Jisos mama kon tel Am sey, “Dem nor get wain again.” 4 Jisos kon ansa am, “Mama, Wai yu dey tel mi dis? My taim neva reach”. 5 Na im en mama kon tel di servants, “Anytin wey E tel una, make una do am”. 6 For dat place, six big wota pots wey dey contain bitwin twenty and thirty gallons each dey der wey di Jus dey use take wash according to dia tradishon. 7 Jisos kon tel di servants, “Make una full di pots wit wota”. So dem kon full all di pots wit wota. 8 Jisos kon tel dem sey, Make una take som from di wota pot go giv di oga steward”. Dem kon do as E tok. 9 Wen di oga steward kon taste di wota wey don turn to wain, bicos e nor sabi how I hapun (but di servants wey draw di wota know) den e com call di man wey dey marry, 10 kon tel am sey, “Na di beta wain na im pipol dey first serve, den wen pipol don drink taya, na im dem dey serve di cheap wain. But yu kon keep di gud wain until dis late hour.” 11 Na dis bi di first mirakol wey Jisos do for Cana, wey dey Galili. Dis na how E take show en honor and en discipols kon biliv am.

Jisos Clean di Tempol

12 Afta dis, Jisos wit en mama and En brodas wit en discipols kon go Capernaum. Dem stay der for some days. 13 By dis taim di Jus dem Fist of Passova don near well well, so Jisos kon go Jerusalem. 14 Na im E kon si di pipol wey dey sell melu (lama lama) and sheep and doves inside di tempol yad E also si di pipol wey dey change moni wey sidon near dia table 15 Na na im E kon use di koboko wey E make kon drive all di pipol wit dia sheep and melu comot from di tempol yad. E kon troway di table of di pipol wey dey change moni and dia moni kon scatta. 16 E kon tel di pipol wey dey sell doves sey, “Make una carry all dis tins comot from here. Make una nor dey use my Papa house make market.” 17 Den En discipols kon remember as dem write sey, “Di lorv for en Papa house don shack am well well.” 18 Na im di Juish oga dem kon ask am sey, “Which kain sign yu go show us to make us biliv yu, as yu dey do dis tins.” 19 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Even if una destroy dis tempol, for three days taim, I go build am again.” 20 Den di Juish oga dem kon tel am, “Na since forty six years dem don dey build dis tempol and yu kon say yu go fit build am for three days?” 21 But na di tempol of En boiy na im Jisos dey tok about. 22 So wen Jisos don resurrect from grave, En discipols kon remember sey, E tok so bifor. Den dem kon biliv wetin di word of God tok and wetin Jisos tel dem bifor.

Jisos Go di Passova Fist

23 Jisos dey for Jerusalem by di taim dem dey do di Fist of Passova, many pipol kon biliv am, bicos dem si di many miracols wey E dey do. 24 But Jisos no gri open en belle for di pipol, bicos E sabi dem well well. 25 E nor need any persin to tok about Am, bicos E know wetin dey for man belle well well, so E nor fit trust dem.


Jisos Tok wit Nicodemos

1 Na im one man wey bi Farisi wey dem dey call Nicodemus, wey bi one of di Juish oga kpata kpata wey dey rule di pipol, 2 kon hide mit Jisos for nite. Di man kon say, “Oga Tishia, wi know sey yu bi di tishia wey God send to us, bicos no persin fit do di miracols wey yu dey do, unless God dey wit am”. 3 Jisos kon ansa am, “Make I tel yu tru word, unless dem born persin from up com, e nor go fit si di kingdom of God”. 4 Den, Nicodemus kon ask Am “How dem go fit born persin wey e don old? Abi di persin go enta en mama belle make di mama born am di second taim. E fit hapun like dat? 5 Jisos kon ansa am, “Make I tel yu di gospel trut, unless God born persn wit wota and Spirit, di persin nor go fit enta di kingdom of God. 6 Wetin flesh born, na flesh e bi, but wetin di Spirit of God born, na spirt e bi. 7 Make yu nor dey confuse sey I tok sey, “God must born yu from up com. 8 Wen brize dey blow, e dey go anywer e want, yu dey hear di sound wey e dey make, but yu nor fit know wer e dey com from or wer e dey go. Na so e bi wit everi persin wey di Spirit born. 9 Nicodemus kon ansa am, “How tins go fit hapun like dat? 10 Jisos kon ansa am, “Yu bi tishia for Isrel but yet yu nor fit understand des tings? 11 Make I tel yu di real trut, we dey tok wetin wi sabi and wi dey bear witness for wetin wi don si wit awa eyes but una nor gri take wetin wi tok 12 Now, if I dey tel una about di tings wey dey for dis world and una nor fit biliv wetin I tok, how una go fit biliv mi, if I bigin dey tel una of di tings wey dey for heaven. 13 No persin don go heaven bifor, except di persin wey com down from heaven. Na di persin bi God pikin. 14 Yu si, as Mosis cari up di snake wen dem dey inside wilderness, na so dem go cari di God Pikin up too, 15 so dat any persin wey go biliv Am go get evalasting life. 16 Si how God take show sey En lorv di world. E kon send us En own one and only Pikin, so dat any persin wey go biliv Am nor go perish but go get evalasting life. 17 God nor send En pikin com codemn di pipol wey dey inside di world but make En, God, for fit save di pipol wey dey dis world. 18 Any persin wey go biliv Am, God nor go condemn am, But di persin wey nor go biliv Am, God don condemn am already, bicos di persin nor biliv in di name of di one and only Pikin wey God get. 19 Na dis bi di risin wey God go take judge di world, bicos lite don com into di world but pipol like to stay for darkness instead of lite, bicos dem dey do di tins wey nor gud 20 Yu si, everi persin wey dey do bad tins dey hate di lite and e nor go gri comot for lite, make pipol nor for si di bad tins wey e dey do. 21 But di persin wey dey do di tins wey gud, dey comot for inside lite, so dat pipol go si di tins wey e dey do, sey, na as God want am.

Jon the Baptist Tok Again about Jisos

22 After dis, Jisos and in discipols com go di area of Judea and dem kon stay der for some taim dey baptize pipol. 23 Jon (di Baptist) dey baptize also for di town of Aenon, wey near Salim, bicos plenti wota dey der and pipol dey kon mit am der make e for baptize dem 24 (By dis taim, Jon neva go for prisin). 25 Den katakata kon bust between som Jon discipols and some Jus about how dem suppose to wash dia bodi clean as dia tradishon tok. 26 Some of dem kon go mit Jon kon tel am, sey, “Oga, di persin wey dey wit yu for di oda side of River Jordan, wey yu bear witness about, si oo, di man dey baptize pipol too and everi bodi dey rush go mit am ooo. 27 Jon kon ansa dem, “No persin go fit riciv anytin unless na from heaven God giv am. 28 Una sef go fit bear mi witness sey, I say “I nor bi di Christ” but God send mi com bifor E go com. 29 Di persin weywan marry new wife na im bi di bridegroom. Di bridegroom friend, (wey bi di bestman), wey dey stand near am and dey listin to am. E dey glad well well wen e hear di bridegroom vois. Na dis dey make mi hapi and my joy don full bam bam. 30 E must dey popula mi, so dat pipol go sabi Am well well pass mi. 31 Di persin wey com from heaven betta pass everibodi. Di persin wey dey dis world dey tok about di tins wey dey for dis world. Di persin wey com from heaven beta pass everi peron wey dey dis world. 32 Dat persin dey tok about wetin e si and hear from heaven, but pipol nor gri lisin to Am. 33 Di persin wey gri sey wetin dem to about God na tru, dey also confirm sey God really tok tru. 34 Di persin wey God send dey tok God word, bicos God nor dey mak economi for di way E dey giv En Spirit to pipol. 35 Bicos God lorv En pikin well well, E don giv am power to control everitin. 36 Any persin wey biliv in di only pikin wey God get, go get evalasting life. But any persin wey nor gri to accept di only Pikin wey God get, nor go si life. God go dey vex wit dat kind of persin all di taim.


Jisos and En Dsicilos kon Comot Judea

1 Wen Jisos hear sey di Farisi dem don hear sey En dey baptize and plenty pipol dey follow Am pass di ones wen dey follow Jon. 2 (Nor bi sey Jisos Emsef dey baptize di pipol, but na im discipols na dem dey do so),

Jisos Tok Wit di Woman from Samaria

3 En kon comot for Judea kon go Galili. 4 For dis waka, E go must pass tru Samaria. 5 E kon reach one town for Samaria wey dem dey call Sychar, wey near di land wey Jakob giv en pikin, Joseph. 6 Di well wey bi J acob own dey der too. Na im Jisos, bicos E don taya from di waka, e kon sidon near di well. Aftanoon don reach by dat taim. 7 Na in one Samarita woman com fesh wota. Jisos kon tel am sey, “I beg giv mi some wota make I drink”. 8 By dis tiam En discipols don go inside town go buy food. 9 Den di Samaritan woman kon tel Jisos sey, “How yu wey bi Ju, go ask mi woman wey com from Samaria, sey, make I giv yu wota drink”? (Bicos di Jus and di Samaritans nor dey agri at all.) 10 Jisos kon ansa am, sey, “If yu know di gift of God and di persin wey dey ask yu for wota drink’, yu go ask Am and E go giv yu di wota wey dey giv persin life”. 11 “Oga”, di woman kon tel Am, “Yu nor get bucket and di well deep well well, wer yu go fit get dis wota of life? 12 Yu tinks sey, yu big reach our grand grand papa Jakob wey giv us dis well and E drink from di wota too, with in pikin and in goat and en foul” 13 Jisos kon tel am sey, “Anybodi wey drink from dis wota go always dey hungry for wota. 14 But any bodi wey go drink from di wota wey I go giv am, nor go hungry of wota again, bicos di wota wey I go giv am, go kon bi like river for inside in belle, wey nor dey dry and di wota go giv am evalasting life.” 15 Di woman kon tel Am sey, “Oga, giv mi dis wota, so dat I nor go hungry for wota again and I nor go even com here kon fesh wota again”. 16 Jisos kon tel am sey, “Go call yur husband make yu and im com. 17 Di woman kon tok sey, “I nor get husband. Jisos kon tel am, “Yu tok tru wen yu sey I nor get husband”. 18 Bicos yu don marri five husbands bifor kpa kpa and di man wey yu dey stay wit now nor bi yur tru husband. Na tru yu tok”. 19 Di woman kon tel Am, “Oga I si sey yu bi profet wey dey tok wetin go hapun”. 20 Our papa dem serve God for dis mountain but una kon tok sey, di place wey pipol mut worship God, na Jerusalem e dey.” 21 Jisos kon tel am sey, “Biliv mi, woman, di taim dey com, wen i nor go bi for dis mountain or for Jerusalem wer una go dey worship God. 22 Una dey serve wetin una nor know. We dey serve wetin we know, bicos na di Jus na in God first call to Imsef. 23 But di taim dey com and e don even reach wen di pipol wey wan really serve God go serve Am for Spirit and for trut, bicos God want dis kind pipol to dey serve Am. 24 God na Spirit, and di pipol wey go wan serve Am must serve Am for Spirit and in di tru way”. 25 Di woman kon tel Am sey, “I know sey Messiah (di one wey dem dey call Christ), wey go save everibodi go com. Anitime wen E com, E go tel us everitin”. 26 Jisos kon tel am sey, “Mi, di one wey dey tok to yu so, Na di Persin.”

Di Discipols kon Com Bak

27 Wen Jisos dey tok to di woman En discipols kon com back. Dem kon surprise sey En dey tok to one woman but no one fit ask Am sey “Wetin yu want?” Or “Wai yu dey tok to di woman?” 28 By dis taim di woman don leave en pot wey en kon take fesh wota kon go for inside town go tel pipol, sey, 29 “Make una kon si one man wey tel mi all di tins wey I don do. Dis one nor bi di Messiah so? 30 Den di pipol kon comot for di town dey go mit Am.

More Workas for di Harvest

31 By dis taim, di discipols kon dey beg Am sey “Oga tishia, make yu chop sometin na”. 32 E kon tel dem sey, “I get food wey I go chop wey una nor sabi anitin about”. 33 Di discipols kon dey ask one anoda sey, “No bodi bring anytin for Am to chop abi dem bring?” 34 Jisos kon tel dem say, “My food na to do wetin my Papa to and to finish En wok. 35 Not una dey tok sey “Na only four months remain bifor di taim to pluck di frut we plant do reach? “Make una look up and una go si sey di frut don readi to pluck now. 36 Di persin wey pluck plenti frut for wetin en plant go get gud pay and e go gada fruts for evalasting life, make e bi sey, di persin wey plant and di persin wey pluck wetin dem plant, di two of dem go dey hapi togeda. 37 Dis show sey dem dey tok na tru sey, “One persin go plant and anoda persin go pluck”. 38 I send una go pluck wetin una nor wok for, oda pipol don sufer but una kon enta wetin dem suffer for.

Di Samaritans kon Mit Jisos

39 By dis taim, many pipol from di town of Samaria don biliv Am bicos of di tins wey di woman tok, sey, “E tel mi all di tins wey I don do.” 40 Wen di Samaritans kon mit Am, dem kon dey ask Am sey make E stay wit dem. E kon stay der for two days, 41 and bicos of wetin E tok, many many pipol kon biliv Am. 42 Dem kon tel di woman, Wi nor biliv bicos of wetin yu tel us, but bicos we don use our own ear take hear and wi know sey dis Persin tru tru, na im go save di whole world.” 43 Afta two days don pass, E comot for der kon go Galili. 44 (Bicos Jisos don tok am sey, profet nor dey get respect for en hometown). 45 Wen E kon reach Galili, di pipol wey dey for der kon welcom Am, bicos dem don si all di tins wey E do for Jerusalem for di Fist (bicos dem go for di Fist too).

Jisos Heal Oga Soja Pikin

46 Den E kon go Cana again wey dey Galili for were E first turn wata in to wain. For Capernaum, one man dey, wey bi king soja, wey en pikin dey sick. 47 Wen e hear sey, Jisos don com back from Judea to Galili, e kon go mit Am and beg Am make E com down kon cure en pikin wey wan die. 48 So Jisos kon tel am sey, “Unless una si signs and wondas una nor go ever biliv”. 49 “Oga”, di man kon tel Am, “I beg make Yu com bifor my pikin die”. 50 Jisos kon tel am sey, “Go home, yur pikin nor go die” Di man biliv di word wey Jisos tel am, so en kon comot go home. 51 Wen e don near house, en servants kon mit am, dem tel am sey, en pikin dey alife. 52 Na im e kon ask dem di taim wey di pikin bigin dey betta, dem kon tel am sey, “Na yestaday for one o’clock for aftanoon na im di feva go down. 53 Bicos of wetin dem tok, di papa kon know sey, dat na veri taim wen Jisos tel am sey, “Yur pikin go nor go die.” Bicos of dis, di man and everibodi wey dey en house kon biliv. 54 Jisos do dis one as di second miracol, wen E com back for Judea to Galili.


Jisos Heal di Man Wey nor Fit Waka for Bethesda

1 Lata, Jisos kon go one Fist wey dem dey celebrate for Jerusalem. 2 One pool dey Jerusalem near di Gate wey dem dey call Sheep gate, en name na Bethzatha for Aramaic language. E get five roads wey di pipol dey take waka enta am. 3 Plenti piple wen dey sick, pipol wey blind, pipol wey nor dey waka, all of dem dey lie down for di different roads. 4 One angel dey com down for one particular taim kon shake di wota and any persin wey first enta di wata wen di angel don shake am, go well. 5 One man dey der wey nor fit waka for thirty eight years. 6 Wen Jisos si am lie down der and kon know sey di man nor fit waka for a long taim, Jisos kon tel am, “Yu want make yu well?” 7 Di sick man kon ansa am, “Oga, I nor get persin wey go put mi inside di pool wen di wota dey shake wen I dey try to enta di wota, anoda persin go enta bifor mi”. 8 Jisos kon tel am, “Get up! Take yur mat make yu waka.” 9 Dat veri moment, di man kon well, e kon take en mat kon biginl dey waka. (Dat day na Sabbath day). 10 Den di Juish oga dem kon tel di man wey don well sey, “Today na Sabbath, yu nor suppose to carry yur mat today”. 11 Na im e kon ansa dem sey “Di man wey make mi well tel mi sey “Make I carri my mat and make I waka. 12 Dem kon ask am sey, “Who bi dis man wey sey, “Make yu carry yur mat, make yu dey waka”? 13 But di man wey just dey bigin waka nor know who E bi, bicos Jisos don comot der and bicos plenti pipol dey dat place. 14 Afta dis, Jisos kon si di man inside di tempol. E kon tel am sey, “Look, yu don well now, make yu nor comit sin again odawise bad tin go hapun to yu again”. 15 Di man kon comot go tel di Juish oga dem sey na Jisos na im bi di persin wey make am well.

Jisos kon Ansa Di Juish Leaders

16 Bicos Jisos dey do all dis tins on di Sabbath, di Juish oga dem kon bigin dey make troubol wit Am. 17 Na im E kon tel dem sey, “My papa dey wok till now, as mi too dey do”. 18 Bicos of dis, di Juish oga dem kon dey try to kill Am, bicos dem say e dey brake di law of Sabbath, and dey also call God En own Papa, like sey God na En mate. 19 Na im Jisos kon ansa dem, “Make I tel una di trut God Pikin nor fit do anytin wit in own mind, except di tin wey en si en Papa do. Bicos anytin wey en Papa dey do na im di Pikin dey do too. 20 Bicos di Papa like En Pikin, E dey show am everytin wey E dey do, and E go dey show Am tins wey pass des tins una go surprise. 21 As di Papa get power to take wake persin wey don die, na so di Pikin get power to giv life to any persin wey En want. 22 E kuku bi sey, di Papa nor dey judge any bodi, but E giv En pikin power to take judge pipol 23 so dat everybodi go bow down for di Pikin as dem dey bow down for di Papa. If any persin nor bow down for di Pikin e nor go get di mind to bow down for di Papa wey send Am com. 24 I dey tel una di real trut, di persin wey hear my word and biliv di Papa wey send mi, go get evalasting life. Di persin nor go go hell fire but e cross from death enta life. 25 I dey tel una di real trut, di taim dey com and e don even reach now – wen dose wey don die go hear di vois of God pikin, and wen dem hear am, dem nor go die again. 26 As di Papa get life for Imsef, na so E giv En Pikin life also. 27 Di Papa don giv En Pikin di power to judge pipol bicos na im bi God Pikin. 28 Make una nor surprise for dis, bicos di taim dey com, wen all dos wey dey inside grave go hear E vois 29 and di angels go separate di ones wey do gud tins, for dat resurrecshon wey go bring life, from di odas wey do bad tins and wey God don condem. 30 I nor go fit do anytin on my own. Na wetin I hear from my Papa I use dey judge. Anytin wey I judge na di trut, bicos I nor dey do my own tin, but only di tin of my Papa wey send mi”. 31 “If I tok wetin I sabi about my sef, e fit bi sey wetin I go tok nor go bi tru 32 Anoda persin dey wey go tok about mi, and I sabi sey, anytin wey E tok about mi na tru. 33 Una don send message to Jon and E don tel una di trut. 34 (I nor dey take wetin human being tok, but I dey tok dis one so dat God go save una.) 35 Na im bi di light wey dey burn and shine and una wan hapi well well for small taim for En light”.

Jisos Tok about Imsef

36 “But I get witness wen big pass dat of Jon, bicos di wok wey my Papa giv mi to do na im I dey do so and di wok dey bear witness for mi sey, na my Papa send mi. 37 And di Papa wey send Mi Imsef don bear witness for Mi. Una neva hear en vois or si Am bifor at anytaim. 38 En word nor still dey inside una bicos una nor biliv di persin wey E send. 39 Una dey read di bible well well bicos una biliv sey, na im go giv una evalasting life, but na dis same bible dey bear witness about Mi, 40 but una nor readi to com to mit mi, so dat una go get life. 41 “I nor like make pipol dey praise mi, 42 bicos I know sey, una nor get di lorv of God for inside una heart 43 I don com wit my Papa name, and una nor accept mi, but if anoda persin go com wit en own name, una go accept am. 44 How una go fit biliv, wen una dey praise each oda and una nor dey look for di praise wey com from God only”. 45 “Make una nor tink sey, I go accuse una bifor my Papa. Di persin wen go accuse una na Mosis, wey all of una put una hope on. 46 If una biliv wetin Mosis tok, una suppose to biliv Mi also bicos e write about M i. 47 But if una nor biliv wetin Mosis write, how una go biliv my words?


Jisos Feed Five Tawsan Pipol

1 Wen E don tok finish, Jisos kon comot for der go di odaside of di sea wey dey Galili wey dem dey also call Sea of Tiberias. 2 Plenti pipol kon dey follow Am bicos dem dey watch di way. E dey cure sick pipol. 3 Jisos kon comot for der, go di mountain side and E kon siddon der wit di discipols. 4 (Dis taim, of Passova don reach ground well well.) 5 And wen Jisos kon look up and E kon si plenti pipol wey dey com mit Am, E kon ask Philip, “Na wer wi go fit si bread buy wey all dis pipol go eat?” 6 Jisos tok dis to take try am bicos Imsef know wetin E wan do. 7 Philip kon tel Jisos, “Even if wi buy bread wey go cost two hundred silver coins, e nor go reach everi persin fit take small small.” 8 Anoda discipol wey e name bi Andrew, wey bi Simon Pita broad, kon tel Jisos, 9 “One boy dey here wey get five barley loaves and two fish, but how dis one go fit reach dis plenti pipol eat make dem belleful?” 10 Jisos kon tok sey, “Tel all di pipol make dem sidon (bicos plenti grass dey dat place wey dem fit sidon). Di norba of di men wey reach about five thousand kon sidon. 11 Jisos kon take di bread and E kon tank God. Den E kon divide di bread giv di piple wey sidon. E kon do di same tin wit di fish. All of dem kon chop as dem want yanfun yanfun. 12 Wen everibodi don belleful, Jisos kon tel En discipols sey, “Make una gada wetin remain, so dat nortin go waste”. 13 Wen dem don gada dem finish, dem kon get twelve full basket, wey di piple nor fit chop, bicos dem don too belleful from wetin dem eat from di five loaves of bread. 14 Wen di piple si di miracol wey Jisos do, dem kon dey tok among demsefs sey, “Tru, tru.dis na di profet wey suppose to com into dis world.” 15 Jisos know sey, dem go wan take Am by force go make Am dia king, E kon comot again kon go on top of di mountain by Imsef.

Jisos Waka ontop Wota

16 Wen evening taim reach, En discipols kon comot go for di lake, 17 dem kon enta inside one canu, dem kon bigin dey cross di lake go Capernaum (by dis taim everiwhere don dark kpatakpata and Jisos neva com mit dem.) 18 Den one strong brize kon bigin dey blow and di sea kon dey rouff well well. 19 Wen dem don pull di canu go about three or four miles, dem kon si Jisos dey waka on top of di wota dey com near di canu. Den fear kon catch dem well well. 20 Jisos kon tel dem sey, “Na Mi. Make una nor fear”. 21 As dem want make E com inside di Canu, na im dem kon si sey di canu don reach ground wer dem dey go. 22 Wen day kon break, di piple wey dey di oda side of di lake kon si sey na only one small canu na im dey der. Dem kon si sey Jisos nor enta di canu wit En discipols but na di discipols demsef alone comot. 23 So some canu wey com fromTiberias kon reach di wotaside near di place wey dem chop bread, afta di Jisos don pray. 24 So wen di pipol kon si sey, Jisos or En discipols nor dey der, dem kon enta di canu and kon go anoda town wey dem dey call Capernaum, go dey look for Jisos.

Jisos Bi Di Bread of Lif

25 Wen dem kon si Jisos for di oda side of di lake, dem kon ask Am, “Oga Ticia”, which taim yu take com here?” 26 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Make I tel una di real trut, una dey find mi not bicos una si di miracol wey I do, na bicos una don chop all di bread wey una want. 27 Make una nor wok for di food wey go finish, but for di food wey go bring evalasting life -- food wey God Pikin go giv una. God, di Papa don approve E”.n Son 28 Dem kon ask Am sey, “Wetin wi go do make God for hapi wit us”? 29 Jisos kon tel dem, “Dis na di tin wey God want, --- make una biliv di persin wey E send”. 30 Dem kon ask Jisos, “Which kind miracol yu go do, wey wi go si make wi for fit biliv yu? 31 Our great great grand papa dem chop di manna for wilderness, as God word tok sey, ‘E kon giv dem bread from heaven make dem chop’”. 32 Den Jisos kon tel dem, “Make I tel una di real trut, nor bi Mosis giv una bread from heaven, but na my Papa giv una di tru bread from heaven. 33 Di bread of God na di persin wey com down from heaven and dey giv life to di piple wey dey di world.” 34 So dem kon tel Am, “Oga, make yu dey giv us dis bread everitime”. 35 Jisos kon tel dem, “Na Mi bi di bread of life. Di persin wey go com mit mi nor go hungry lai lai and any persin wey biliv in mi nor go hungry for wota again. 36 But I don tel una sey, una don si mi and yet una nor biliv. 37 Everibodi wey my Papa giv mi go com mit Mi, and anybodi wey com mit mi, I nor go drive am away lai lai. 38 Bicos I don com down from heaven, nor bi to do my own will, but to do di will of my Papa wey send Mi. 39 Na dis bi di will of my Papa wey send Mi, make I nor loss any persin out of di pipol wey E giv mi, but make I for raz all of dem up in di last day. 40 Na dis one na im bi di will of my Papa, sey everyone wey accept En Pikin and biliv Am, go get evalasting life and I go am up on di last day.” 41 Den di Jus wey dey vex for Jisos, kon bigin dey complain about Am bicos E tok sey, “Na Im bi di bread wey kon down for heaven”. 42 Den dem kon dey say, “Dis Jisos sef nor bi Joseph pikin, wey wi know En papa and mama? Na how E go kon tok say, ‘I com down from heaven’”? 43 Jisos kon ansa, “Make una nor complain about mi to one anoda.” 44 No persin go fit com mit mi on en own, unless my Papa wey send mi draw am, and I go raz am up on di last day. 45 Dis na as di prophets write, “Na God go tesh all of dem” Everyone wey hear and take wetin my Papa tok, go kon mit mi. 46 (Nor bi sey anyone don si di Papa bifor except di persin wey com from God – na Im don si di Papa). 47 “I dey tel una di trut any persin wey biliv go get evalasting life. 48 Na Mi bi di bread of life. 49 Una great great grand Papa chop di manna for wilderness and dem die 50 Dis na di bread wey com from heaven, so dat any persin wey chop am go get evalasting life. 51 Na Mi bi di living bread wey com down from heaven. Any persin wey eat from dis bread go liv foreva. Na my flesh bi di bread wey I go giv di pipol wey dey for di world.” 52 Den di Jus wey dey vex wit Jisos kon bigin dey argue wit one anoda dey sey, “How dis man go giv us en flesh to eat? 53 Jisos kon tel dem, “I dey tel una di real trut, unless una eat di flesh of God Pikin and drink en blood, una nor go get life for inside una. 54 Di persin wey go eat my flesh and drink My blood get evalasting life and I go raz am up on di last day. 55 My flesh na di real food and my blood na di propa drink. 56 Di persin wey eat my flesh and drink my blood go stay inside mi and I go stay inside am too. 57 Na as my Papa wey dey heaven send mi and I dey for life bicos of Am, na so di persin wey eat mi, go dey for life bicos of mi. 58 Dis na di bread wey com down from heaven, e nor bi like di bread wey una great great grand Papa eat and afta dem kon die. Di persin wey eat dis bread no go die lailai but e go live foreva”.

Many pipol kon Follow Jisos

59 Jisos tok dis tins wen E dey tesh dem for inside di tempol for Capernaum. 60 Wen plenti of Jisos discipols kon hear dis tins, dem kon sey, “Dis tin wey Jisos dey tok so hard well well. Na who go fit understand dem?” 61 Wen Jisos kon know sey En discipol dey complain about dis, E kon tel dem sey, “Dis one dey make una dey vex? 62 Wetin go hapun if una si God Pikin go up wer E dey bifor? 63 Na di Spirit bi di one wey dey giv life; human nature nor fit help, all des words wey I dey tel una so, na Spirit and dem dey giv life. 64 But some of una dey wey nor biliv” (Jisos don alreadi know from di bigining di pipol wey nor biliv and di persin wey go sell Am to En enemi.) 65 So Jisos kon add, “Na bicos of dis I tel una sey, nobodi go fit com mit mi on en own, unless my Papa let am com.”

Wetin Pita Tok about Jisos

66 Afta E don tok dis, plenti of En discipol kon stop to dey follow Am and dem nor kon waka wit Am again. 67 Jisos kon ask en twelve discipols, “Una wan comot too, Abi?”. 68 Den Simon Pita kon ansa Am, “Oga, na who wi wan go mit? Na yu get di word wey dey giv evalasting life. 69 Wi don com biliv and know sey, naYu na bi di Holi One wey God send to us.” 70 Jisos kon ansa, “Nor bi twelve of una I choose? But one persin among una na devil?”. 71 (But E tok dis one about Judas, Simon Iscariot pikin, bicos na dis Judas, wey bi one of En twelve discipols, na im go go sell Am giv in enemi.)


Di Fist of Tabanakol

1 Afta dis Jisos kon travel go everiwhere for inside Galili. E kon comot for di area of Judea bicos di Juish oga dem wan kill Am 2 E kon reach di taim wey dem take dey do di Juish Fist wey dem dey call Fist of Tabanacol 3 Na im Jisos brodas kon dey advice Am sey, “Comot for here go Judea make yur discipols si di miracols wey yu dey do. 4 Bicos nobodi wey readi to make name for imsef dey do anytin hide, since yu dey do des tins make yu show yurself to di world”. 5 (Even En own brodas no biliv wetin Jisos dey do). 6 Jisos kon ansa dem, “My taim neva com but una own chance don reach. 7 Di world nor go fit say dem no like una but dem no like mi, bicos I dey tok sey wetin dem dey do bad well well. 8 Make una go di Fist, I nor dey go bicos my taim neva reach.” 9 Afta E don tok finish, E kon stay for Galili. 10 But wen En brodas don comot go for di Fist, Jisos kon go der too, but E nor let anybodi know sey E com. 11 Di Juish oga kpata kpata dem kon dey ask, “Wer Am?” 12 Dem kon dey make Hun-hun-hun for inside di crowd., Some of dem kon dey say, Jisos, “Na gud man”, but odas kon say, “E dey play di poor pipol wayo”. 13 But none of dem fit tok openly about Am, bicos dem dey fear di Juis oga dem.

Jisos Tish inside di Tempol

14 Wen dem don do di Fist hafway, Jisos kon go up for di tempol yad and E bigin dey tesh. 15 Di Juish oga dem kon dey surprise for Am and dem kon say, “How E take know dis tins wey E dey tesh so wen E nor go school at all”. 16 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Wetin I dey tesh nor com from mi, but e com from di One wey send mi. 17 Anybodi wey readi to do di will of God, go know about my teshing or di word wey I dey tok, weda na from God or na from my own power. 18 Di persin wey dey tok wit en own power want make pipol praise am, but di persin wey readi to respect di persin wey send am, go bi di man wey get respect and e nor go get sin inside am. 19 Mosis nor giv una di law? But una nor dey obey di law. Wai e bi sey una dey want to kill mi sef?” 20 Di pipol kon ansa Jisos, “Demons dey inside yu. Who wan kill yu?” 21 Den Jisos kon ansa, “Na only one miracol na im I don do and una dey surprise. 22 Na bicos Mosis tesh una to circumcise (nor bi sey na Mosis start di law, na una great great grand papa) na im make una dey circumcise boys on di Sabbath. 23 But wen una circumcise boys on Sabbath, so dat una nor go brake di law wey Mosis bring, Wai una dey vex wit mi, bicos I make di man wey sick well on di Sabbath day? 24 Make una nor judge by di tins wey una dey si with eye but make una giv correct judgement as di tins suppose to bi.

Who Jisos Bi Sef

25 So some pipol wey dey stay for Jerusalem kon bigin dey say, “Dis nor bi di man wey dem want kill? 26 Na im dey here dey tok for public so and dem nor fit tel Am anytin. Abi di oga dem nor know sey na iIm bi di Christ? 27 Wi kpakpa sabi di place wer dis man from com, wi sabi sey anitaim wey Christ go com, no persin go fit know wer E go com from. 28 As Jisos kon dey tesh for di tempol yad, E kon cry out, sey, “Una know mi and di place wey I from com and I nor com wit my own power, but di persin wey send mi na di correct persin and una nor know Am. 29 But mi, I sabi am, bicos na im send mi com.” 30 Den dem kon try to capture Jisos, but nobodi fit take hand touch Am bicos en taim neva reach. 31 Many of di pipol wey dey der biliv am and dem kon say, “Anytaim wey di persin wey dem say bi Christ go com, e go fit do any miracol pass wetin dis one dey do so?” 32 Wen di Farisi dem kon hear di piple dey complain about Jisos, na im dia ogas send sojas go arrest Am. 33 Jisos kon tel dem, “I go only stay wit una for small taim and afta I go go mit di persin wey send mi com. 34 Una go dey look for mi but una nor go si mi and una nor go fit com di place wey I go dey.” 35 Den di Juish oga dem kon dey ask one anoda, “Wer E dey go wey wi nor go fit si Am. E nor go go mit di Juish piple wey scatter among di Greeks go tesh dem so? 36 Wetin E mean wen E tok sey, ‘Una go look for mi but una nor go fit si m and wer I dey, una nor go fit com der?’”

Jisos Tish about di Spirit

37 For day wey di Fist dey finish, wey bi di biggest day, Jisos kon stand up for dia middle kon shout sey, “If anybodi throat dry, make e com mit mi. 38 Di persin wey biliv my power and wetin I dey tok, make e drink, just as di word of God tok am, “From inside in belle plenti wota, wey bi like river, wey get life go flow.” 39 (E say dis tin about di Spirit, wey dos wey biliv Am go receive, bicos by dis taim God neva giv di Spirit and E neva giv honor to Jisos Christ.)

Wetin Different Pipol Say about Jisos

40 Wen dem kon hear des words, some of di pipol kon dey say, “Dis, true, true, na im bi di profet:” 41 Some pipol kon say, “Na im bi di Christ” but odas say, “No, di Christ nor go fit com from Galili, Abi E go fit com?” 42 Abi di word of God nor tok sey, “Christ com from di family of David wey dey Bethlehem, di village wey David com from? 43 Na im di pipol kon divide into two parts bicos of Jisos. 44 Some of dem kon dey try to catch Am but no bodi fit take hand touch Am.

Pipol nor Fit Biliv Jisos

45 Den di sojas kon go back go mit di chief priest and Farisi and dem ask di sojas, “Wai una bring Jisos wit una?” 46 Di sojas kon ansa, “No bodi don eva tok as dis man dey tok.” 47 Den di Farisis kon ask di sojas, Abi, E don play una wayo too? 48 No persin among di rulers or Farisis don biliv in Jisos, Abi dem biliv? 49 But dis pipol wey nor sabi di law, curse dey dia head.” 50 Den one man wey en name bi Nicodemus, wey don first go mit Jisos and wey bi one of di oga kpatakpata dem kon say, 51 “Our law nor dey condemn persin unless e don hear wetin di persin say or si wetin di persin dey do, Abi nor bi so”? 52 Dem kon ask Am, “Na from Galili yu from com too, abi? Make yu look well well o o, yu go si sey no profet suppose to com from Galili. 53 Afta dis, everi persin bigin go en own house.


Di Ashawo Woman

1 Den Jisos kon go inside Mount Olives. 2 In di morning, E kon enta inside di tempol yad. Di pipol kon mit am for der, E kon siddon dey tesh dem. 3 Di pipol wey sabi di law well well and di Farisis kon bring one woman wey dem catch, sey e go sleep wit di man wey nor bi en husband. Dem kon make am stand for dia front, 4 dem kon tel Jisos, “Oga Tisha, wi catch dis woman wen e dey sleep wit one man wey nor bi en husband. 5 According to di law, Mosis say, “Make dem take stone kill dis kain woman. Wetin yu yurself tok about am? 6 (Dem ask am dis kwesion to take set trap for am, make dem for fit take am go court). Jisos kon ben down take en finger dey write sometin for ground. 7 Wen dem continue dey wori am, E kon get up kon tel dem, “Among una, any persin wey no get any sin, make E bi di first persin to take stone stone di woman.” 8 E kon ben down again bigin write for ground. 9 Wen dem hear wetin E tok, dem bigin comot one by one. Na di old pipol first start to comot der, till e kon remain only Jisos and di woman wey stand for en front. 10 Jisos kon stand up kon ask, “Woman, wey di pipol wey bring yu? Nor bi dem condemn yu? 11 Di woman kon say, “Oga, no one o o”. Jisos kon say, “Mi too nor go condemn yu. But as from

Jisos Na di Lite of di World

12 Den Jisos kon tok again, “Na mi bi di light of di world, di persin wey follow mi nor go waka for darkness lailai, but e go get di light to take waka for dis life”. 13 Di Farisis kon dey quarrel wit Am sey, “Yu dey tok of yurself and wetin yu dey tok nor bi tru.” 14 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Although I dey tok of mysef, di ting wey I tok na true, bicos I sabi wer I com fro m and I sabi wer I dey go. But una nor know wer I com from or wer I dey go. 15 Una dey judge persin by wetin una si wit una eyes, but I nor dey judge any persin like dat. 16 But, if I say any persin do bad, di tin I si and tok about na tru, as e bi sey, not only mi dey tok am. Na mi and my Papa, wey send mi, dey say am togeda. 17 Dem write am for una law sey, ‘wetin two pipol bear witness about togeda na true.’ 18 I dey bear witness of mysef and my Papa wey send mi dey bear witness for mi too. 19 Dem kon bigin dey ask Am kwesion, “Who bi yur Papa sef?” Jisos kon ansa dem, “Una nor know mi or my Papa, if to sey una know mi, una for know my Papa too”. 20 (Jisos dey tok to dem for di place wey dey near di box wey dem dey put offering money, as E dey tesh dem for outside tempol yad. Nobodi fit kon catch Am bicos En taim neva reach.

Wer Jisos Com From and Wer E dey Go

21 Den Jisos kon tel dem again sey, “I dey comot and una go look for mi but una go die inside una sin. Wer I dey go, una nor go fit com der”. 22 So di Ju oga dem kon dey say, “E bi like sey e wan go kill imsef, as e dey tok sey, wer I dey go una nor go fit com der”’ 23 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Una com from bilow but mi I com from heaven. Una com from dis world but mi nor com from dis world. 24 Na bicos of dis make mi dey say, Una go die for inside una sin. Except una biliv sey na mi bi Am, una go die inside una sin”. 25 Den dem kon ask Am, “Who yu bi sef?” Jisos kon say, “Na wetin I tel una from di biginning. 26 I get plenti tins to tok about wetin una dey do but My Papa wey send mi na true E dey tok and na wetin E tel mi I dey tel di pipol wey dey di world”. 27 (But dem nor understand sey E dey tok of en Papa). 28 Den Jisos kon say, “If una carry Mi up, una go know who I bi. I nor dey use mind do wetin I like but I dey do wetin my Papa tesh mi. 29 And di Persin wey send mi dey wit mi. E nor dey leave mi bicos I dey do di tin wey E like everitaim.” 30 As E dey tok, many pipol kon biliv Am.

Abraham Children and di Devol Children

31 Jisos kon tel di pipol wey com from Judea and wey biliv Am, “If una accept di tin wey I tok everitaim, den una go bi my discipols 32 and una go know di trut and di trut go make una free”. 33 Dem kon tel Am, “All of us na Abraham pikin, wi neva bi slave to anyone bifor. Wai yu dey tok sey, wi go dey free?” 34 Den Jisos ansa dem, “Na true word I dey tel una, anybodi wey dey konit sin, na sin bi di masta wey dey rule am. 35 Slave nor dey stay for inside di family foreva, but di pikin of di family dey stay foreva. 36 So if God Pikin make una free, una go free kpata kpata. 37 I know sey una bi Abraham pikin, but una wan kill mi bicos una nor wan hear wetin I dey tok. 38 Na wetin I si wen I dey wit my Papa, na im I dey tel una, so make una dey do di tin wey una hear from my Papa.” 39 Dem kon ansa am sey, “Abraham na im bi our papa”. Den Jisos kon reply sey, “If una bi Abraham pikin, una for dey do di tin wey Abraham do. 40 But una wan kill mi bicos I tel una di real trut wey I hear from God. Abraham nor do wetin una dey do so. 41 Una dey do di tin wey una papa do”. Dem kon tel Jisos sey, “Nor bi ashawo way our papa take born us o o. Na God Imsef bi di papa wey wi get.” 42 Den Jisos tel dem, “If to sey na God bi una Papa, una for like mi, bicos I com from God and as I dey for here, I nor com do my own tin, na im send mi. 43 Wai una nor undersand wetin I tok? Na bicos una nor wan accept wetin I dey tesh. 44 Una bilong to una papa wey bi di devol, and na di tin wey una papa want na im una wan do. E dey kill pipol from di bigining, and e nor dey support wetin gud, as e nor get anytin gud tin inside am. Any taim e dey tok, na di lia lia tin wey dey inside am e dey tok, e bi lai lai persin, bicos na im bi di papa of lia lai. 45 Bicos I dey tel una di real trut, una nor wan biliv mi. 46 Who among una go fit prove sey I konit any sin? If I dey tok true word, wai una nor wan biliv mi? 47 Di persin wey bi God own dey listin and dey do wetin God word tok. Una nor dey listin or wan do di tin wey God word tok, bicos una no bi God own”. 48 So di pipol of Judea say, “E bi like sey yu bi Samarita and demon dey inside yu.” 49 Jisos kon tel dem, “I nor get demon inside mi. I dey respect my Papa but una nor wan respect mi. 50 I nor want make una dey praise mi. But di Persin dey wey wi suppose to respect and na only Im fit judge any persin in di correct way. 51 I dey tel una true word, if any of una follow wetin I dey tesh, e nor go eva die again. 52 Den di pipol of Judea kon say, “Ehen! Wi don really know now sey demon full inside yu. Abraham and di profets don die, yu kon dey tel us sey, ‘Anybodi wey follow wetin I dey tesh nor go eva die again. 53 Yu big pass our papa Abraham wey don die, abi? All di profets don die too. Who yu tink sey yu bi sef?” 54 Jisos kon sey, “If I dey praise mysef, my praise na yeye one. Di persin wey dey praise mi na my Papa, wey una dey tok say, “Na im bi awa God.” 55 But una nor know Am, but I know Am, and if I say I nor know Am, I go bi laya like una. I know Am and I dey follow wetin E dey tesh. 56 Una papa Abraham hapi well well wen e si my day, e si am and e hapi”. 57 Den di pipol of Judea kon tel am, “Yu neva old reach fifty years and yu say yu don si Abraham?” 58 Jisos kon tel dem, “Na di real word I dey tel una, bifor dem born Abraham, I don dey fir dis world.” 59 Den dem kon dey pik stones to take stone Am, but Jisos kon hide and den kon comot for di tempol area.


Jisos Heal di Man Dem Born Blind

1 By di taim wen Jisos dey waka pass, E kon si one man wey blind from di taim en mama born am. 2 Na im en discipols kon ask am, “Oga Tisha, na who konit di sin wey make dis man blind from en mama belle, na dis man or na en papa and mama”? 3 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Nor bi dis man or en papa and mama konit any sin, but e blind wen dem born am, bicos God wan show en power thru wetin go hapun to am. 4 I go do di work of di persin wey send mi bifor day go dark, bicos night dey com wen nobodi go fit work. 5 For as long as I dey inside dis world, na i bi di light of di world”. 6 Wen E don tok dis, E kon spit for ground. E kon take di sand wey E spit put kon rub di blind man eye. 7 E kon tel am, “Make yu go wash yur face inside di pond wey dem dey call Siloam (dis word mean ‘send’). Na im di blind man kon go wash en face as Jisos tel am. Di man kon bigin dey si wen e com back. 8 Den di pipol wey dey stay near am and wey dey si am dey beg for moni bigin dey say, “Dis no bi di man wey dey sidon dey beg for moni?” 9 Na im some piple say, “Na im”. Oda pipol kon say, “No, but e look like am”. Di man imsef kpakpa kon say, “I bi di man”. 10 Dem kon ask am, “Wetin hapun wey yu kon dey si”? 11 E kon tel dem sey, “Na di man wey dem dey call Jisos take sansan wey e spit put rub for my eye, and E kon tel mi sey, “Make I go for Siloam go wash my face”. Na afta I go der go wash my face, I kon bigin dey si”. 12 Na im dem kon ask am sey, “Were di man dey?” E kon tel dem sey, “I nor know”.

Di Farisi Oga dey Kwarel about di Healing

13 Dem kon take di man wey blind bifor go mit di Farisis. 14 (Di day wey Jisos spit for sansan, mix am and rub di blind man eye, na Sabbath day). 15 Na im di Farisi dem kon ask am again, “How yu take bigin dey si”? E kon tel dem, “E take di sansan wey E spit put, rub my eye, and I go wash my face and I bigin dey si.” 16 Den some Farisis kon bigin tok sey, “Dis man nor com from God, bicos E nor suppose to do anytin for sabbath day. But oda pipol kon dey say, “How a man wey dey comit sin go fit do dis mirakol?” Dis argument kon make di pipol divide into two. 17 Dem kon ask di man wey blind bifor sey, “Wetin yu tok about Am, as e bi sey na im make yu dey si?” De man kon ansa, “Na profet E bi”. 18 Di ogas for di Jus religion nor gri biliv sey di man really blind bifor, so dem kon call di papa and mama of di man wey blind bifor. 19 Dem kon ask dem, “Na una pikin bi dis? Una say e blind wen una born am, how e kon bi sey e dey si now?” 20 Na im en papa and mama kon tok sey, “Wi know sey dis na our pikin and e blind wen wi born am. 21 But wi nor know how manage e kon dey si now. Wi nor know who make am bigin dey si. Make una ask am, e don big reach di persin wey go fit tok for imsef.” 22 (En papa and mama tok like dis bicos dem dey fear di Jus oga dem. Bicos by dis taim all di ogas don agri sey, anybodi wey go tok sey, Jisos na im bi di Christ, dem go drive am konot for di synagogue. 23 Na dis bi di risin wey make en papa and mama sey, make dem ask am bicos e don big reach di persin wey go fit tok for imsef). 24 So dem kon call di man wey blind bifor di second taim, tel am sey, “Make yu promise bifor God to tok tru. Wi know sey dis man na persin wey dey konit sin”. 25 E kon tel dem sey, “I nor know weda na persin wey dey konit sin E bi, but I sabi one tin, sey, bifor I blind but now I dey si”. 26 So dem kon tel am sey, “Na wetin E do to yu? How e take make yu dey si sef?” 27 E kon ansa dem, “I don tel una bifor but una nor gri accept. Wai una wan hear am again? Abi una wan bicom En discipols too? 28 Dem kon dey curse am, dey tok sey, “Na yu bi en discipol. Na Mosis discipol wi bi”. 29 Wi know sey God tok to Mosis. Wi nor know wer dis man from com”. 30 Di man kon say, “Dis na wondaful tin o o. Una nor know wer E com from, but na im make mi dey si so! 31 Wi know sey God nor dey listin to di pipol wey dey konit sin, but if anybodi dey serious wit God and dey do wetin God tok, God go listin to am. 32 Wi neva hear bifor sey anybodi don fit make persin wey blind tosi. 33 If dis man nor com from God, E nor go fit do anytin like dis”. 34 Den dem kon tel am sey, “Na for inside sin dem born yu, yu tink sey yu go fit tesh us anytin?” So dem drive am konot der.

Di Man kon Follow Jisos

35 Wen Jisos hear sey dem don drive di man konot, E kon look for am. E kon ask am, “Yu bili in God pikin?” 36 Na im di man kon say, “Who E bi, Oga, make I for fit biliv am? 37 Jisos tel am sey, “Yu dey si am rite now, na im dey tok to yu so”. 38 Di man kon say, “Lord, I biliv”, den e kon knil down dey worship Am. 39 Jisos kon say, “Na to help pipol to know wetin dem do, na im make mi com inside dis world, so dat dos pipol wey no dey si, go bigin dey si and dos wey dey si, dia eyes go blind”. 40 Wen some of di Farisi wey dey der hear wetin Jisos tok, dem kon ask am, “Yu think sey wi blind too, abi?” 41 Na im Jisos kon tel dem, “If to sey una agri sey una blind, una nor for konit any sin, but as una think sey una dey si una sin go stay for una head.”


Jisos Bi di Gud Shepad

1 Na beta trut I dey tel una, di persin wey no enta di place wey dem dey kip sheep tru di door, but kon climb go inside by anoda way, dat persin na tif and na roba. 2 Di persin wey enta tru di door na im bi di shepad of di sheep. 3 Di gateman go open di door for am and en sheep go hear en vois wen e call dem by dia name and e go lead dem comot. 4 Wen e don bring all en sheep out, e go dey for dia front and di sheep go follow am, bicos dem know en vois. 5 Dem no go gri follow stranja but dem go run away from am, bicos dem nor know di stranja vois. 6 Jisos tel dem dis parabol but dem nor understand wetin e dey tel dem. 7 So Jisos kon tel dem again, “I dey tel una di real trut. Na mi bi di door wey di sheep dey pass. 8 All di pipol wey com bifor mi na tifs and robas and di sheep nor gri listin to dem. 9 Na mi bi di door, if anybodi enta thru mi, God go save am. E go waka about, com in and go out and e go si grass chop. 10 Wetin tif dey com do na to tif, kill pipol and destroy propati, but I com so dat pipol go get life, di kind of life wey full bam bam. 11 Na mi bi di gud shepad. Di gud shepad put en life down for di sheep. 12 Di labra, wey nor bi di shepad and wey no get di sheep, go run away, wen e si woff dey com, so di woff go scata and kill di sheep. 13 Bicos di labra nor get consan for di sheep, na im make am dey run away. 14 Na mi bi di gud shepad, I know di sheep wey bi my own and dem know mi. 15 Because di Papa know mi and I know di Papa, na im make mi put my life down for di sheep. 16 I get oda sheep wey nor dey here. I must bring dem too and dem go listin to my vois so dat all of dem go bi one flock unda one shepad. 17 Na dis bi di risin wey make my Papa like mi, bicos I put my life down, so dat I go fit take am back again. 18 Nobodi go fit take am away from mi but na mi put am down by mysef and I get di power to take am back again. Dis na wetin God command mi to do. 19 Anoda big quarrel kon brake out among di Juish pipol bicos of wetin Jisos tok. 20 Many of dem kon dey say, “Dimon dey inside am and en head nor correct. Wai una dey listin to am sef?” 21 Oda pipol kon dey say, “Di persin wey get dimon nor go fit tok like dis. No dimon fit make persin wey e blind to si.”

Jisos kon Go di Fist of Dedication

22 Di taim for di Fist of Dedicashon for Jerusalem kon reach. 23 Dat na winta taim and Jisos kon dey waka inside di tempol yad, near were Solomon dey relax, wen e wan take brize. 24 Di Juish oga kpatakpata dem kon sorond am, kon ask am, “How long yu go make us dey wait? If na yu bi di Christ, make yu tel us”. 25 Jisos kon ansa dem, “I don tel una and una nor biliv. Di tins wey I don do for my Papa name don bear witness for mi. 26 But una nor want to biliv, bicos una nor bi my sheep. 27 My sheep dey listin to my vois and I know dem and dem dey follow mi. 28 I don giv dem evalasting life and dem nor go ever die again. Nobodi go fit take dem comot from my hand. 29 My Papa wey giv dem to mi big pass everi persin and nobodi go fit take dem comot from my Papa hand. 30 My Papa and Mi na one. 31 Di Juish oga dem kon pik stone again, make to take stone am die. 32 Jisos kon tel dem, “I don do many gud tins for una presence from my Papa, na bicos of which one of dem na im make una wan stone mi now?” 33 Di Juish oga dem kon reply, “Wi nor wan stone yu bicos of di gud tins but bicos yu wey bi human being, dey claim sey, yu bi God.” 34 Jisos kon ansa sey, “Dem nor write am for una law, ‘I say, una bi gods’? 35 If dem call di pipol wey God send en word com mit “gods”, so dat wetin God word tok nor go change, 36 wai una dey tel di persin wey di Papa choose for Imsef and wey E send com dis world sey, “Yu dey tok wrong and wicked tin”, bicos I say I bi God pikin? 37 If I nor do di tins wey my Papa send mi, make una nor biliv mi. 38 But if I dey do dem, even if yu nor biliv mi, make una biliv di tins wey I do, so dat una go fit know and understand dat I dey inside my Papa and my Papa dey inside mi. 39 Den dem kon try again to siz am, but e kon slip comot from dia hand. 40 Jisos kon go back and kon cross Riva Jordan, wer Jon dey baptize and E kon stay der. 41 Many pipol kon mit Jisos der. Dem bigin dey say, “Although Jon nor do any mirakols but everi tin e tok about dis man, na true.” 42 And many pipol kon biliv in Josos for der.


Lazarus don Die

1 One man wey en name bi Lazarus kon dey sick. E com from Bethany, Mari and Marta hometown. 2 Dis na di Mari wey pour scent for Jisos legs and kon wipe am wit en hair. Na en broda, Lazarus, dey sick. 3 Na im di two sisters kon send message go for Jisos sey, “Oga, yur friend, wey yu lorv well well, dey sick. 4 Wen Jisos hear di message, E kon say, “Dis sickness no go kill Lazarus. Na to honor God, so dat God Pikin too, go get honor.” 5 (Now Jisos lorv Marta, Mari and Lazarus well well.) 6 Afta E don hear sey Lazarus dey sick, E nor comot wer E dey for two days. 7 Den E kon tel en discipols, “Make wi go Judea again”. 8 But en discipols kon reply, “Rabbi (wey min oga techa), no bi di place wer di Juish pipol wan kill us yu say make wi go again”? 9 Jisos kon ansa, "Nor bi twelf hours dey for daytiaim? Man wey waka for daytiam nor go stombol fall, bicos e dey waka wit di lite wey dey for dis world. 10 But if any persin waka about for nite, e go fit slip and fall, bicos e nor get lite to si road. 11 Den Jisos kon tel dem, “Awa friend Lazarus don sleep but I wan go wake am up.” 12 Di discipols kon say, “Oga, if e dey sleep den e go kon well.” 13 (Dem tink sey, wetin Jisos min na sey, Lazarus dey sleep propa, but Jisos min sey, Lazarus don die.) 14 E kon tel dem openly sey, “Lazarus don die.” 15 And bicos of una I hapi sey I nor dey der, bicos dis go giv una anoda chance to biliv Mi. Make una com make wi go si am”. 16 So Thomas, (wey bi Twins) kon tel di oda discipol sey, “Make wi oursefs go too, so wi go fit die wit am”.

Jisos Tok wit Marta and Mari

17 Wen Jisos kon reach Bethany, dem tel Am sey dem don alreadi put Lazarus for inside grave for about four days. 18 (Bethany na about two miles from Jerusalem, 19 and from der many Juish pipol kon sympathize wit Mari and Marta, bicos of dia broda wey die.) 20 So wen Marta hear sey Jisos dey com, e kon waka go mit Am, but Mari sidon for hous. 21 Marta kon tel Jisos, “Oga, if to sey yu dey here, my broda nor for die. 22 But I know sey, God go giv yu anytin wey yu ask Am”. 23 So Jisos kon tel am, “Yur broda go wake up again”. 24 Den Marta kon say, “I know sey e go get up agan on di resurrecshon day”. 25 Jisos tel am, “Na Mi bi di resurrekshon and di life. Any persin wey biliv in Mi go live even if e die, 26 and di persin wey dey for dis life and biliv in mi nor go die lai lai. Yu biliv wetin I tok, Marta?” 27 Marta kon ansa, “Yes, Oga, I biliv sey yu bi Christ, God Pikin, wey com for dis world. 28 Den Marta kon go mit Mari, en sista, kon whisper for en ear sey, “Di ticha dey here and e dey look for yu”. 29 Wen Mari kon hear wetin e tok, e kon get up go mit Jisos. 30 Jisos still dey outside di village wen Marta go mit Am. 31 Di pipol wey com salute Mari kon si how e waka comot quik quik, dem tink sey na Lazarus grave e dey go, make e go der go cry again, so dem kon follow am. 32 Wen Mari kon si Jisos, e kon fall for En foot kon say, “Oga, my broda nor for die, if to sey yu dey here.” 33 Jisos kon si as e dey cry and as di oda pipol dey cry too. Na im E kon sorry for dem and di tin kon pain Am for mind well well. 34 Den E ask dem, “Were una put am?” Dem kon tel Am, “Oga, com make wi show yu”. 35 Jisos kon cry. 36 Di pipol wey com sympathize wit dem kon say, “Jisos really lorv dis man well well.” 37 but some kon say, “Dis man wey heal blind man, Wai e nor fit help Lazarus make e nor die?”

Jisos Wake Lazarus up from Grave

38 Jisos kon sorry for dem again, den E kon waka go di grave. (Dis na wide hole inside ground wey dem take stone cover). 39 Jiso kon say, “Make una remove di stone”. Marta, Lazarus sista, kon say, “Oga, by now e go dey smell, bicos e don reach four days since wi bury am.” 40 So Jisos tel am, “I nor tel yu sey, yu go si God power, if yu biliv mi”. 41 Dem kon roll di stone comot from di grave. Den Jisos look up for heaven and kon say, “Papa, I tank Yu sey Yu dey hear wetin I tok and Yu dey always do wetin I ask. 42 But I dey say dis one bicos of di pipol wey stand here now, so dat dem go biliv sey na Yu send Mi”. 43 Wen E don tok dis finish, E kon shout out loud, “Lazarus, com out!”. 44 Den Lazarus kon com out, but di pieces of cloth still tie en legs and hand, anoda cloth still wrap en face too. Jisos kon tel dem, “Make una luuz di cloth comot, make e go”.

Di Jus dey Vex about Lazarus

45 Den many of di Juish pipol wey kon wit Mari and si di tins Jisos do, kon biliv Am. 46 But some of dem go mit di Farisi kon report to dem wetin Jisos do. 47 Den di chief priests and di Farisi kon summon di council members togeda and kon dey ask, “Wetin wi go do? Since dis man dey do many mirakols? 48 If wi let am continue like dis, everibodi go kon biliv am and di Romans go com take away di place wey wi dey worship and our country.” 49 Den one of dem wey en name bi Caiphas, wey e bi di high priest dat year, kon say “Una nor understand wetin dey hapun. 50 Una nor know sey e beta make one man die for everi persin, instead of make everi persin wey dey dis country die”. 51 (Dis man nor tok dis way wit in own power, but bicos na im bi di high priest dat year, e kon tok tru sey, Jisos go die for di whole Juish pipol, 52 and nor bi for di Juish pipol only, but make E for fit gada togeda all God pikin wey scata.) 53 So from dat day, dem kon plan to kill Jisos. 54 Bicos of dis, Jisos nor kon dey waka anyhow for Judea again, but E kon comot from der kon go di region wer di town dem dey call Efraim dey, and E kon stay der wit en discipols. 55 Wen di taim of di Fist of Passova kon near, many pipol kon go Jerusalem from all around di country, dem kon dey wash demsefs clean for di fist according to dia tradishon. 56 Na im dem bigin dey look for Jisos and dem bigin dey ask one anoda inside di tempol yad, “Wetin yu tink sef? Yu tink sey E go com for dis fist?” 57 (By dis tiam, di chief priests and di Farisi dem don giv orda sey, anyone wey know wer Jisos dey, make e kon tok, so dat dem go go arrest am).


Mari Pour Oil for Jisos Legs

1 Wen e remain six days bifor di Passova fist, Jisos kon com Bethany, wer Lazarus, di person wey Jisos wake up, dey. 2 So dem kon dey cook eveining food for Jisos for der. Marta kon dey giv dem food and Lazarus dey among di pipol wey sidon for di tabol wit Jisos. 3 Den Mari kon take 3 quarters of a pound of scent wey dear well well, e kon pour am for Jisos legs. She kon use en hair take clean Jisos legs till di scent kon dry. (di smell of di scent kon full everiwer for inside di house). 4 But Judas Iscariot, one of Jisos discipols (di persin wey go sell Am to en enemi) kon say, 5 “Wai wi nor sell dis scent for three hundred currency moni and giv di money to di poor pipol dem?” 6 (Judas tok like dis, not bicos e care about di poor pipol dem, but bicos en na tif. As e bi sey na im bi di treasura, e dey tif from di moni wey dem put for inside di box). 7 Den Jisos kon tok sey, “Make yu leave di woman alone, e do dis dey wait for di day wen dem go bury Mi. 8 Di poor pipol go always dey wit una, but I nor go dey wit una all di taim.” 9 By now plenti pipol wey dey for Judea kon hear sey Jisos dey der, so dem kon gada, not bicos of Jisos alone but dem also wan si Lazarus, di persin wey die bifor but wey Jisos wake up. 10 Di chief priests dem kon plan to kill Lazarus too, bicos 11 na im make plenti Juish pipol for Jerusalem dey kon biliv in Jisos.

Jisos Ride Kete Kete Enta Jerusalem

12 Wen day break, plenti pipol wey com for di Fist kon hear sey Jisos dey com for Jerusalem. 13 Dem kon take palm tree branshes and kon go out go mit Am. Dem kon bigin dey shout, “Hosanna, make God bless di Persin wey God send kon mit us. Make God bless di king of Isreal!” 14 Na im Jisos kon si one small kete kete, e kon sidon on am, just as dem write am down sey, 15 “Make una nor fear, pipol wey dey Zion; make una look, una king don dey com, E sidon on top kete kete!” 16 (En discipol nor understand des tins as dem dey hapun, until wen Jisos kon wake up from grave, na im dem kon remember sey, dem don write dis tins about Am bifor and wetin dem write don hapun to Am.) 17 So di pipol wey dey wit Am, wen E wake Lazarus up from di grave kon dey testifai about Am. 18 Bicos dem don hear sey Jisos don do dis mirakol, di pipol kon go mit Am. 19 Den di Farisi kon tel one anoda, “Una si sey una nor go fit do anytin. Sii, di whole pipol don bigin follow Am.”

Some Greek Pipol kon Mit Jisos

20 Some Greek pipol dey among di pipol wey go worship God for di fist. 21 So dem kon mit Philip wey en hometown bi Bethsaida for Galili and kon tel am sey, “Oga, wi wan si Jisos”. 22 Philip kon go tel Andru and di two of dem kon go tel Jisos. 23 Jisos kon tel dem sey, “Di taim don com wen God go honor E own pikin. 24 I tel una di real trut, unless one seed of wheat go fall for ground and die, e nor go fit grow, but if e die, e go grow and go produce plenti frut. 25 Di persin wey value en life well well go troway am, but di persin wey nor value en life too much for dis world, go get evalasting life. 26 Any persin wey readi to serve Mi go must follow Mi and wer I dey, na der my servant go dey too. Any persin wey serve Mi my Papa go honor am too. 27 But My heart dey heavi well well. Wetin I go fit say, ‘My Papa, make yu save Mi from dis tin wey wan hapun?’ No, na bicos of dis tin make mi com for dis world. 28 Papa, make yu honor yur name”. Den one vois kon tok from heaven sey, “I don honor am and I go honor am again.” 29 Di pipol wey dey der, wey hear di vois kon say di vois sound like thunda, but oda pipol say, na angel dey tok to Am. 30 Jisos kon say, “Dis vois nor com bicos of mi but na to help una to understand. 31 Di taim to judge dis world don com and dem go drive di ruler of dis world comot. 32 And Mi, wen God go carry Mi go heaven, I go draw all pipol com near mysef.” 33 (say dis to let pipol know di kind of death wey E go die). 34 Den di pipol kon say, “Wi don hear from di law sey di Christ go stay for dis world foreva. How yu now kon dey tok sey dem go carry di Son of God go up? Na who bi dis God Pikin sef?” 35 Jisos kon ansa dem, “Di lite go dey wit una for small taim. Make una dey waka wen lite dey now, so dat darkness nor go cover una. Di persin wey dey waka for darkness nor know wer e dey go. 36 As una get di lite now, make una biliv in di lite, so dat una go bi children of lite”. Wen Jisos don tok finish, E kon comot for der go hide.

Wai Pipol nor Gri Biliv Jisos

37 Aldo Jisos don do many miracols for dia front, dem still nor gri biliv Am. 38 Make e bi sey wetin profet Isaiah tok go hapun. En kon say, “Lord which pipol don biliv wetin wi dey tok, and who God don show En power to?” 39 Bicos of dis rison dem nor fit biliv, so Isaiah kon tok again sey, 40 “God don blind dia eyes and make dia heart strong like stone, make dem nor for fit use dia eyes take si and understand wit dia heart, so dat dem nor go fit com mit Mi and I make dem well.” 41 Isaiah say dis tins bicos E don si how God don honor Christ and e speak about Am. 42 But among di rulers dem, many kon biliv Am, but bicos of di Farisi oga dem, dos wey biliv nor fit tok out openly sey, na Jisos bi di Christ wey kon save us, make di oga dem nor for drive dem comot from di synagogue. 43 bicos dem like make pipol dey tok gud of dem pass as God know dem.

Di Last Taim Jisos Tok for Publik

44 Den Jisos kon tok out loud sey, “Di persin wey biliv in mi, nor bi mi e biliv, na my Papa wey send mi, na im e really biliv. 45 and di persin wey don si Mi, don si di real persin wey send mi. 46 I don com as lite inside dis world, so dat any persin wey go biliv in mi nor go waka inside darkness. 47 Any persin wey hear wetin I dey tok and nor obey am, nor bi mi go judge am. Bicos dis taim, I nor com judge di world, but I com, make God for save pipol. 48 Di persin wey reject Mi and nor gri do wetin I tok, God don judge am alreadi. Bicos na di word I dey tok now, na im go judge am on di last day. 49 Bicos nor bi my own power I dey use tok, but na My Papa wey send Mi dey tel Mi wetin I dey tok. 50 I know sey wetin E command dey bring evalastin life, so di tin wey I dey tok, I dey tok am as My Papa send mi.”


Jisos Wash En Discipols Feet

1 Bifor dem do di Passova Fist, Jisos kon know sey di taim don reach wen E go comot for dis world go mit en Papa. As e lorv en pipol wey dey for di world, E kon lorv dem go reach di di end. 2 As dem dey cook di evening food, devil don alreadi enta Judas Iscariot, Simon pikin mind sey, make e sell Jisos to en enemi. 3 Bicos Jisos know sey en Papa don put everitin for en hand, and sey na from God im come and e dey go back to Am. 4 E kon stand up for wer dem dey chop and kon remove en clothes, E kon take towel and tie round imsef. 5 E kon pour wota for inside di basin and kon bigin dey wash di discipols leg and dey dry dem wit di towel wey e tie round Imsef. 6 Wen e kon reach Simon Pita turn, Pita kon tel am sey, “Oga yu wan wash my legs”? 7 Jisos kon ansa, “Yu nor fit understand wetin I dey do now, but yu go understand wen des tins don pass”. 8 Pita kon tel am sey, “Yu nor go wash my leg lai lai!” Jisos ansa am, “If I nor wash yur legs, yu nor go get ani benefit from mi.” 9 Den Simon Pita kon tel am,“Oga, nor bi only my legs yu go wash, but make yu wash my hands and my head too!” 10 Jisos kon ansa,“Di persin wey don baff go only need to wash en legs, bicos e clean well well, and una wey bi my discipols clean, but not all of una”. 11 (Bicos Jisos know di persin wey go sell am, na im make am say, “Not all of una clean”.) 12 So wen Jisos don wash dem legs finish, E kon wear en clothes wey E remove bifor, den E go sidon for en place for di table and E kon tel dem, “Una understand wetin I do for una so? 13 Una dey call Mi “Tisha and Oga “and una dey do so correct, bicos na so I bi. 14 So, if mi, wey bi una oga and tisha, wash una legs, una suppose to wash each oda legs too. 15 I don giv una example wey una suppose to do for una. 16 Make I tel una di real trut, di servant nor big pass en oga as di persin wey bi messenger nor big pass di persin wey send Am. 17 If una understand des tins, God go bless una, if una obey dem.

Jisos Tok Who Sell Am Give Enemies

18 “Wetin I dey tok so nor concern all of una bicos I know di pipol wey I choose. But dis na to prove di word of God wey say, “Di persin wey eat My food don bicom my enemi”. 19 I don tel una now bifor e go hapun, so dat wen e don hapun, una go biliv sey na mi bi di persin. 20 I dey tel una di real trut, any persin wey accept di persin wey I send don accept Mi and any persin wey accept mi, don accept di persin wey send mi com”. 21 Wen E don tok des tins finish, en heart kon heavi well well, den E kon say, “I dey tel una di real trut, one of una go sell mi to my enemi.” 22 Di discipols kon dey look demsefs and kon dey worried and surprise and dem bigin dey wonda which of dem E dey tok about. 23 One of di discipols, wey Jisos lorv well well, sidon for en right hand wen dem dey chop. 24 So, Simon Pita kon use eye tel di discipol sey make e ask Jisos who bi persin wey E dey tok about. 25 Den di discipol wey Jisos lorv well well kon dress near Jisos chest and kon ask am, “Oga na who bi di persin”? 26 Jisos kon ansa, “Na di persin wey I go giv dis bread to afta I don dip am inside di pot. Den E kon dip di bread inside di pot and kon giv am to Judas Iscariot, Simon pikin. 27 Afta Judas don take di bread, devil kon enta en mind. Jisos kon tel am, “Di tin yu wan do, make yu do am quik quik.” 28 (Non of dem wey sidon for di table understand wai Jisos tok to Judas like dat. 29 Some of dem tink sey, since na Judas bi di tresura, Jisos kon tel am sey make e go buy wetin dem go use for di fist or make e giv moni to di poor pipol).

Jisos Tel Pita Wen E Go Dinai Am

30 Wen Judas don take di bread, e kon waka comot immediately. (By dis taim, night don reach). 31 Wen Judas don comot, Jisos kon say, “Now, di taim don reach wey God go honor En Pikin, an En Pikin go honor Am too. 32 If di Pikin don honor God, God go honor Imsef inside Am, and E go honor Am right away. 33 My children, I dey here wit una for a small taim. Afta, una go dey look for mi, and as I tel di Juish oga dem sey, wer I dey go una nor go fit com, na di same tin I dey tel una now. 34 “I dey giv una new command, make una lorv one anoda. Just as I lorv una, make una also lorv one anoda. 35 Everibodi know sey, una bi my discipols, if una lorv one anoda. 36 Simon Pita kon tel Am sey, “Oga na wer yu dey go?” Jisos kon ansa, “Una nor go fit follow mi go wer I dey go now, but una go com mit mi der lata”. 37 Pita kon tel Am, “Oga, wai wi nor go fit follow yu now? I readi to die bicos of yu now!” 38 Jisos ansa am, “Yu tink sey, yu readi to die for Mi? Make I tel yu I real trut, cock no go crow, bifor yu go denai mi three taims.


Di Last Tins Jisos Tel En Discipols

1 “Make una nor let any tin wori una mind. Since una biliv God, make una also biliv mi. 2 Many rooms dey for my Papa house, if nor bi so, I for tel una, since I dey go prepare place for una to stay. 3 Wen I finish am, I go com take una make una stay wit mi der. 4 And una know di way wey I dey go. 5 Thomas kon tok sey, “Oga, wi nor know wer yu dey go, How wi go know di road?” 6 Jisos kon reply, “Na mi bi di road, and di trut, and di life. Nobodi go fit go mit my Papa unless e pass thru mi. 7 If to sey una know mi, una for know my Papa too. And from now go, una don know Am and una don si Am”. 8 Philip kon say, “Oga, show us di Papa, and wi go dey alrite”. 9 Jisos kon ansa am, “So I don dey wit una for a long taim and yu nor still know mi, Phillip? Di persin wey don si mi don si my Papa! How yu dey say, ‘Show us di Papa’? 10 Yu nor biliv sey I dey inside my Papa and my Papa dey inside mi? Di word wey I dey tel una so, I nor dey tok am from my own mind, but my Papa wey dey inside mi, na im dey do all des miracols. 11 Biliv mi sey, I dey inside my Papa and my Papa dey inside mi, but if una nor fit biliv mi, make una biliv bicos of di miracols dem. 12 “I tel una di real trut, di persin wey biliv in mi, go do di miracol wok wey I dey do, and e go do di ones wey big pass.dis bicos I dey go mit my Papa. 13 And I go do anytin wey una go ask for my name, so dat dem go honor di Papa thru en pikin.

Jisos Tish about di Holi Spirit

14 If una ask any tin for my name, I go do am. 15 If una lorv mi, una go do wetin I tok. 16 Den I go ask my Papa and E go send una anoda Persin wey go dey tok for una favor foreva. 17 Na im bi di Spirit of trut, wen di whole world nor gri accept, bicos dem nor fit si Am or know Am, but una know Am, bicos E dey stay inside una and E dey wit una. 18 “I nor go liv una like pikin wey nor get papa and mama, I go com mit una again. 19 For small taim, di world nor go si mi but una go si mi, bicos I dey alife and una go dey alife too. 20 By dat taim, una go know sey I dey inside my Papa and una dey inside mi and I dey inside una too. 21 Di persin wi hear wetin I tok and dey obey am, na im bi di persin wey lorv mi. Di persin wey lorv mi, my Papa go lorv and I go lorv am too and I go show mysef to am. 22 “Oga,”, Judas (nor bi Judas Iscariot) kon say, “Wetin hapun wai yu wan show yurself to us and not to di oda pipol for di world?” 23 Den Jisos kon ansa am, “If any persin lorv mi, e go obey wetin I tok, and my Papa go lorv am, and wi go com mit am and stay wit am. 24 Di persin wey nor lorv mi nor go obey wetin I tok. Wetin una dey hear so nor bi my word, but na my Papa wey send mi own. 25 “I don dey una all des tins since I dey with una. 26 But di persin wey dey tok for una favor na di Holi Spirit, wey my Papa go send com in my name, E go tish una everitin and E go make una remember everitin wey I don tel una. 27 “Make peace dey wit una bicos na my peace I giv una. Di way I dey giv peace different from the way the world dey giv. Make una nor fear or let anytin wori una mind. 28 Una rememba wen I tel una sey, “I dey comot and den I go com back kon mit una again. If una lorv mi, una go hapi well well sey I dey go mit my Papa, bicos di Papa big pass mi. 29 I don tel una now bifor e hapun, so dat wen e hapun, una go biliv mi. 30 I nor go tok to una too much now, bicos di persin wey dey rule dis world dey com and e nor get power for my bodi, 31 bicos I dey do wetin my Papa tel mi, so dat di world go know sey I lorv my Papa. Make una get up make we comot here.”


Di Vain and di Branshes

1 “Na mi bi di tru vine plant and my Papa bi di gardena. 2 E dey always cut away everi bransh wey dey for my bodi wey nor dey bear frut and E dey repair everi bransh wey dey bear fruts so dat e go bear more frut. 3 Una don clean alreadi bicos of di word wey I tel una. 4 Make una stay inside mi so dat I go stay inside una. As di bransh nor fit bear frut by emsef unless e stay inside di vine plant, na so una nor go fit bear frut unless una stay inside mi. 5 Na mi bi di vine, and na una bi di branshes. Di persin wey stay inside mi and I stay inside am – go bear plenti frut, bicos witout mi una nor go fit do anytin. 6 If any persin nor stay inside mi, dem go cut am comot and e go dry up and pipol go gada di branshes and throw dem inside fire make dem burn. 7 If una stay inside mi and my words dey inside una, una go ask anytin wey una want and I go do am for una. 8 My Papa go get more honor if una bear plenti frut wey go show sey una bi my discipols. 9 “As my Papa lorv mi, na so I lorv una, so make una remain in my lorv. 10 If una obey wetin I tok, una go stay inside my lorv, as I also obey wetin my Papa tok and I stay inside en lorv. 11 I don tel una dis tins so dat my joy go stay inside una and una joy go full bam bam. 12 Dis na wetin I command una sey make una lorv one anoda just as I lorv una. 13 No lorv big pass di lorv wey make somebodi die for en friends. 14 Una go bi my friends if una do wetin I tok. 15 I nor go call una boi-boi again bicos boi-boi nor dey understand wetin en oga dey do but I dey call una my friends, bicos I don show una everitin wey I hear from my Papa. 16 Nor bi una choose mi, but na mi choose una and den I giv una power to go produce frut, frut wey go stay for long taim, so dat anytin wey una go ask my Papa in my name E go giv una. 17 Wetin I tel una bi sey, make una lorv one anoda.

Wai Pipol Hate Jisos and di Discipols

18 If di pipol of di world hate una, make una remember sey na mi dem first hate. 19 If una agri wit di pipol of dis world, den dem go lorv una as dia friends. Anyway, una nor bi dia friends, since I don chose una from di world, dat is wai dem nor like una. 20 Make una remember wetin I tel una, ‘Persin wey bi boi-boi, nor big pass en oga’. If dem cause trobol for mi, den dem go cause trobol for una too. If to sey dem obey my word, dem go also obey una own. 21 But dem go do all dis tins to una bicos of my name, bicos dem nor know di Persin wey send mi com. 22 Suppose sey, I nor com to tok to dem, dem nor for dey guilty of sin. But now, dem nor get any excuse to giv again for dia sin. 23 Di persin wey hate mi, also hate my Papa. 24 Suppose sey I nor do miracols for dia presence wey nobodi don do bifor, dem nor for dey guilty of sin. But now afta dem don si di miracols, dem still dey hate mi and my Papa. 25 Now, all dis tins dey hapun, so dat di word wey dem write for dia law go bi tru, ‘Dem hate mi without any rison’. 26 But wen di Persin wey go tok for una favor go com, wey I go send to una from my Papa – Spirit of trut, wey go com from my Papa – E go bear witness about mi. 27 And una too go bear witness, bicos una dey wit mi from di binginin.


Jisos Promise to Send di Holi Spirit

1 “I don tel una all dis tins so dat nobodi go fit deceive una. 2 Dem go drive una comot for di synagogue, bicos di taim dey com wen di persin wey kill una go tink sey e dey do gud for God eye. 3 Dem go do dis tins bicos dem nor know my Papa or mi. 4 But I don tel una dis tins so dat wen di taim reach, una go remember sey I tel una about dem bifor, I nor tel una all dis tins from di biginin bicos I dey wit una. 5 But now I dey go mit di Persin wey send mi. And none of una dey ask mi, ‘Wer You dey go?’ 6 Instead una nor glad bicos I tel una dis tins 7 But I dey tel una di trut. Na for una sake I wan como, bicos if I nor go, di One wey go tok for una favor nor go com, but if I go, I go send Am to una. 8 Wen E com, E go prove di world wrong for di tins wey concern sin and righteousness and judgement 9 For di tin wey concern sin, bicos dem nor biliv in mi, 10 For di one wey concern righteousness, bicos I dey go mit my Papa and una nor go si mi again, 11 and for di one wey concern judgement, bicos God don condemn di persin wey dey rule dis world. 12 “I get many tins wey I wan tel una, but una nor go fit bear dem now. 13 But wen di Spirit of trut go com, E go show una di trut. E nor go tok with E own power, but E go tok wetin E hear from God and wetin go hapun lata. 14 E go honor mi and E go tel una wetin E hear from mi. 15 Everitin wey my Papa get na my own, dat na wai I tok sey di Spirit go tel una wetin E hear from mi. 16 Small taim dey com wen una nor go si mi again, after small taim, una go si mi.” 17 Den some of di discipols kon dey ask each oda, “Wetin bi di meaning of di tin wey E tok sey, ‘Small taim dey com wen una nor go si mi, afta small taim una go si mi” and ‘Bicos I dey go mit my Papa’?” 18 Some of dem kon dey repeat am, “Wetin E get for mind wen E say, ‘for small taim’, wi nor understand wetin E dey tok about”. 19 Jisos kon si sey dem wan ask Am about wetin E tel dem, na im E kon ask dem sey, “Una dey ask each oda wetin I mean wen I tok sey, ‘Small taim dey com wen una nor go si mi and afta small taim, una go si mi’? 20 I tel una di real trut, una go cry and shout, but di world go dey hapi; una go dey sad, but una sadness go turn to hapiness. 21 Wen woman wan born pikin, e dey suffer small, bicos en taim don reach, but wen e don born di pikin finish, e nor go remember all di tins wey e suffer bicos e dey glad sey e don born pikin. 22 Na di same tin dey hapun to una now, but I go si una again, and una go glad, and nobodi go fit take una joy from una. 23 By dat taim, una nor go ask mi anytin again. I tel una di real trut, anytin wey una ask my Papa in my name, E go giv una. 24 Until now, una neva ask for anytin in my name. Make una ask and una go receive, so dat una joy go full bam bam. 25 “I don tel una dis tin for parabol; di taim dey com wen I nor go use parabol tok to una again, but I go tel una plain plain about my Papa. 26 By dat taim, una go fit ask anytin in my name, and God go do am for una. 27 My Papa Imsef lorv una bicos una lorv mi and biliv sey I com from God. 28 Na from my Papa I com kon enta dis world, but now I dey comot from di world and dey go back to my Papa”. 29 En discipols kon say, “Yu si, na now yu dey tok plain plain and not wit parabol. 30 Now wi know sey yu know everitin and yu nor need anybodi to ask yu any kwesion. Bicos of dis, wi biliv sey na from God Yu com. 31 Jisos kon reply, “So una don biliv now? 32 Look, di taim dey com and e don even reach, wen una go scatta, each persin go go en own home, and I go dey on my own. But I nor dey alone, bicos my Papa dey wit mi. 33 I dey tel una dis tins, so dat my peace go stay wit una. Inside di world, na so so troubol and suffa dey, but make una heart dey strong, bicos I don alreadi conkar di world”.


Jisos Pray Make God Honor Am

1 Wen Jisos don tok des tins, E kon look upto heaven kon say, “Papa, di taim don com. Honor yur pikin, so dat yur pikin go honor yu too. 2 Just as yu don giv mi power over all human being, na so too I go giv evalasting life to everi persin wey Yu giv mi 3 Na di s bi evalasting life, sey make dem know Yu di only tru God, and Jisos Christ, wey yu send. 4 I don honor Yu inside dis world and I don finish di wok wey Yu giv mi. 5 And now, Papa honor mi, draw mi near yur bodi for di way I dey wit Yu bifor Yu make dis world.

Jisos Pray for di Discipols

6 “I don show yur name to di pipol wey Yu giv mi for dis world. Dem bi yur own, and Yu giv dem to mi and dem obey yur word. 7 Now dem don understand sey everitin wey Yu giv mi com from Yu, 8 bicos I don tel dem di word wey Yu giv mi. Dem don accept wetin I tel dem and dem understand sey I com from Yu, and dem biliv sey na Yu send mi. 9 I dey pray for dem. I nor dey pray for di oda pipol wey dey inside di world but only for di pipol wey Yu giv mi, bicos dem bi yur own. 10 Everitin wey I get na yur own and everitin wey Yu get na my own and dem don honor mi. 11 I nor go dey di world again, but dem go dey di world, as I dey com mit Yu. Holi Papa, make Yu keep dos wey Yu giv mi safe in yur name, so dat dem go bi one, just as Yu and mi bi one. 12 Wen I dey wit dem I keep dem safe and I look afta dem in yur name. No one of dem lost, except di one wey yur word sey e go perish, so dat wetin yu tok go kon hapun. 13 But now I dey com mit Yu and I dey tok dis tins for di world, so dat dia joy go full bam bam. 14 I don giv dem yur word and di world nor like dem, bicos dem nor bilong to di world, just as I nor bilong to di world. 15 I nor sey make Yu take dem comot from di world, but make Yu keep dem safe from di devil. 16 Dem nor bilong to di world just as I nor bilong to di world. 17 Make Yu keep dem for di trut, yur word na trut. 18 Just as Yu send mi into di world, na so I send dem into di world. 19 And I separate mysef from di world for dia sake, so dat dem go fit separate demsefs from di world too.

Jisos Pray Oda Pipol Wey Go Biliv

20 “I nor dey pray for dem alone but I dey also pray for dos wey go biliv in mi, bicos of di witness dem go bear about mi. 21 So dat all of dem go bi one, just like as Yu, Papa dey in mi and I dey in Yu. I pray sey make dem stay in us, so dat di world go biliv sey na Yu send mi. 22 I don giv dem di honor Yu giv mi, so dat dem go bi one just as wi bi one 23 I dey inside dem and Yu dey inside mi – so dat dem go bi one propa, just as wi bi one. So dat di world go know sey na Yu send mi, and Yu lorv dem, as Yu lorv mi. 24 “Papa, I wan sey dos wey Yu giv mi go dey wit mi for wer I dey, so dat dem go si di honor wey Yu giv mi, bicos Yu lorv mi bifor Yu make di world. 25 Holi Papa, even if di world nor know Yu, I know Yu, and dis men know sey na Yu send mi. 26 I don help dem to know yur name and I go dey try to make pipol know am, so dat di lorv wey Yu get for mi, go dey wit dem, as I dey wit dem”.


Judas Sell Jisos and Dem kon Arrest Am

1 Afta E don tok finish, Jisos and en discipols kon comot and dem pass thru di Kidron valley. Dem kon enta one big fam wey dey der. 2 (Judas, di persin wey sell Jisos, know di place well well, bicos Jisos don tish en discipols for der many taims). 3 So Judas kon lead some sojas and some chief prist offisas and Farisis enta di big farm. Dem carry lamps and torchs, and some wepons. 4 Den Jisos, bicos E know everitin wey go hapun to am, kon ask dem, “Who una dey look for?” 5 Dem kon ansa am, “Jisos wey com from Nazareth”. E kon tel dem, “Na mi” (Dis taim, Judas wey sell am, stand der with dem). 6 So wen Jisos don tel dem sey “Na mi”. Dem kon dress back kon fall for ground. 7 Den Jisos kon ask dem again “Who una say una dey look for?” Dem kon say, “Jisos wey com from Nazareth”. 8 Jisos kon ansa again, “I don tel una sey na mi. If una dey look for mi, make una let des men go”. 9 E tok dis word to prove sey wetin God word tok bifor na tru, “I nor loss even one of di pipol wey God giv mi”. 10 Den Simon Pita kon pull out en swod and cut di rite ear of di boi-boi of di high priest (Di boi boi name na Malchus). 11 Jisos kon tel Peta, “Put yur swod back inside en case! Yu nor know sey I suppose to drink di cup wey my Papa giv mi”? 12 Den di sojas and dia oga wey lead dem and di Juish oga dem kon arrest Jisos. Dem kon tie am wit rope. 13 Dem kon take am go mit Annas, wey bi di fada-in-law of Caiaphas, and di high priest dat year. 14 (Dis na di Caiaphas wey advise di Juish oga dem, sey e gud make one man die for everibodi).

Di First Taim Pita Dinai Jisos

15 Simon Peta wit anoda discipol kon follow dem as dem dey take Jisos go mit Annas. (Dis oda discipol know di high priest well well, so e follow Jisos enta inside di high priest compound). 16 But Simon Peta stand outside near di door. So di oda discipol wey know di high priest well well kon com out and kon tok to di slave girl wey bi di gateman. E kon let Peta enta inside. 17 Di girl wey bi di gateman kon ask Peta, “Yu nor bi one of di discipols of dis ma so, abi? Immidiatli, Pita ansa, “I nor bi one of dem”. 18 (By dis taim, all di slaves and guards gada round charcoal fire wey dem make to warm demsefs, bicos di cold strong well well. Peta also stand wit dem dey warm imsef too).

Anna (di High Priest) Kwesion Jisos

19 As dem dey deer, di high priest bigin dey ask Jisos kwesion about en discipols and wetin E tish. 20 Jisos kon ansa am, “Na for public I dey tok to di world. I tish inside di synagogue and tempol yad wer all Juish pipol dey gada todega. I nor tok anytin for secret. 21 Wai yu dey ask mi? Make yu ask di pipol wey hear wetin I tok. Dem know wetin I tok”. 22 Afta Jisos don tok finish, one of di high priest boi boi, wey stand near am kon slap am for face, and kon ask am, “Na so yu dey ansa di high priest”? 23 Den Jisos kon say, “If wetin I tok nor correct, make yu tel mi but if e correct, Wai yu slap mi?” 24 Den Annas kon send am as dem still tia am wit rope, go mit Caiaphas, di high priest.

Di Second and Ted Taim Pita Dinai Jisos

25 As Simon Peta stand for inside di compound dey warm imsef, dem kon ask am, “Yu too nor bi one of en discipol, abi?” Peta denai sey, “I nor bi one of dem”. 26 One of di boi boi of di high priest wey relate to di man wey Peta take sword cut en ear kon say, “I nor si yu wit am for inside di farm?” 27 Again Peta kon denai and immediatli, cock kon bigin dey crow.

Jisos Stand for Pilate Front

28 Den dem kon take Jisos comot from Caiaphas place go di house of di Roman Governor (By dis taim, morning don reach). None of dem gri enta inside di governor house, make dem nor for dirty according to dia tradishon, so dat dem go fit eat di Passover food. 29 So Pilate com outside kon mit dem and kon ask dem, “Wetin una say dis man do?” 30 Dem ansa, “If to sey dis man nor bi criminal, wi nor for bring am com mit yu”. 31 Den Pilate tel dem, “Make una take am go judge am unasef according to una law.” Di Juish Oga dem kon say, “Our law nor giv us power to kill anybodi”. 32 ( Dis tin hapun to prove sey wetin Jisos tok about how E go die, na tru).

Pilate Kwesion Jisos

33 So Pilate kon go inside di governor house, e call Jisos and kon ask am, “Na Yu bi di King of di Jus?” 34 Jisos ansa am, “Na yur own sense yu take tok dis, abi oda pipol don tel yu about mi?” 35 Pilate kon ansa am, “I nor bi Ju, abi? Na yur pipol and yur own chief priest dem bring yu com mit mi. Na wetin yu do sef”? 36 Jisos kon ansa, “My kingdom nor com from dis world. If to sey my kingdom dey dis world, my servants for dey struggle make I nor com mit di Juish pipol wey dey rule. But as e bi, my kingdom nor com from here”. 37 Den Pilate ask, “So yu bi King?” Jisos kon ansa am, “Yu say I bi king. Na dis bi di risin dem born mi, and na im make mi com dis world to tok about di trut. Everi persin wey want di trut go listin to my vois”. 38 Den Pilate ask am, “Wetin bi di trut?” Wen e don tok dis, e kon go outside again go mit di Juish oga dem. E kon tel dem, “I nor si anytin bad for di tin wey E do. 39 But as e bi una custom sey, make I riliz one prizina for una during di Passover, I want to riliz di King of di Jus?” 40 Den dem kon shout dey tel am,“Wi nor want dis man, na Barnabas wi want”. (Dis Barnabas na trobol maker).


Pilate kon Try to Riliz Jisos

1 Den Pilate kon sey make dem kan Jisos well well. 2 Di sojas go pluck chuku chuku take make crown put for en head and dem kon wear am purple dress. 3 Dem kon dey laf am, take am dey make ye ye. Dem kon dey slap am for face dey say, “Make una kon si di King of di Jus”. 4 Den Pilate com out again and kon tel di Juish oga dem sey, “Make una look, I wan bring am out for una, make una for know sey I nor si anytin bad for wetin E do”. 5 So Jisos kon com outside, wen e still dey wear di crown of chuku chuku for en head and di purple cloth wey dem giv am. Pilate kon say, “Make una si di man”! 6 Wen di chief priest and dia oga si am, dem kon dey shout, “Kill am! Kill am!” Den Pilate say, “Make una go kill am. But as for mi, I nor si any bad tin wey E do”. 7 Di Juish oga dem kon ansa, “Wi get law, and as our law tok, E suppose to die, bicos E dey say E bi God Pikin”. 8 Wen Pilate hear wetin dem tok, fear kon cash as well well. 9 E kon go back iniside di governor house, and den kon ask Jisos, “Na wer yu kon from sef?” But Jisos no ansa am. 10 So Pilate kon say, “Yu nor wan tok to mi?” Yu nor know sey I get di power to free yu or to kill yu?” 11 Jisos ansa back, “Yu nor go fit get power at all for my bodi, except God giv am to yu.” So derfore, na di pipol wey bring mi com mit yu, komit di sin wey big pass”. 12 From dis taim, Pilate kon bigin dey try to free am, but di Juish Oga dem bigin dey shout, “If yu free dis man, yu nor bi Caeser friend. Any persin wey claim sey im bi king nor bi Caeser friend”. 13 Wen Pilate hear wetin dem dey tok, e kon bring Jisos com out and den kon sidon for di chair wer e dey judge case, wey dem dey call “Di stone pavement” (Gabbatha na im dem dey call am for Aramaic language.) 14 (Dat taim na aftanoon on di day wen dem dey prepare for di Fist of Passover). Pilate kon tel di Juish oga dem, “Make una look o! Dis na una king”. 15 Den dem kon bigin dey shout, “Carry am go! Carry am go! Make yu kill am”. Pilate kon ask dem, “Una want make I kill una king?” Di high priest dem kon say, “Wi nor get anoda king, except Caeser”. 16 Den Pilate kon giv am to dem make dem go kill am. So dem kon take Jisos comot.

Jus kon Kill Jisos

17 As E carry en own cross dey go, e kon reach di place wey dem dey call “Di place of di Skull” (wey dem dey call Golgotha for Aramaic language). 18 For der, dem kon hang Jisos wit two oda pipol, one for en rite and di oda for en left. 19 Pilate kon write one notice wey dem nail on top of di cross, wey say, “Jisos wey com from Nazarette, wey bi di King of di Jus”. 20 So many of di Juish pipol wey dey for Jerusalm kon read di notice, bicos di place wer dem kill Jisos near di town and dem write di notice for three languages, Aramaic, Latin and Greek. 21 Den di Chief Priest of di Jus kon tel Pilate sey, “Nor write di king of di Jus, but write sey, dis man say, ‘I bi di King of di Jus’”. 22 But Pilate ansa dem. “Wetin I don write finish, I nor go change am”. 23 Wen di sojas don kill Jisos, dem take en dress, kon divide am into four among dem. But dem leave di overall (bicos e nor get were dem join am, since dem weave am from top go reach ground). 24 So di soja dem kon dey tok to each oda sey, “Make wi nor tear am, but make wi gamble to si who go get am”. Dis tin hapun to prove sey, God word na tru, wey say, “Dem divide my dress among demsefs, and bicos of my cloth, dem gamble”. 25 At dis taim, di only pipol wey stand near di cross of Jisos na en mama, and en aunt, Mari, wey bi Clopas wife and Mari Magdalin. 26 So wen Jisos kon si en mama and di discipol wey e lorv well well stand der, E kon tel en mama, “Mama look, dis na yur pikin”. 27 Den E kon tel di discipol, “Look, dis na yur mama”. From dat taim, di discipol kon take Jisos mama go en own house. 28 Afta dis, wen Jisos don si sey everitin don finish, E kon say, (to prove sey wetin God tok hapun), “Wota dey hungri mi”.

Jisos kon Die

29 One full gallon of wain wey don sour dey der, di sojas kon soak sponge for inside di wain wey sour, kon put am for one stick, dem dey call hyssop (wey bita well well), kon stretch am put for en mouth. 30 Wen E don test di wian wey sour, Jisos kon say, “E don finish”. Den, E kon bow en head down and kon die. 31 Bicos dis tin dey hapun on di day dem dey prepare for di Passover Fist, and bicos dem nor want sey make di dead bodi stay for di cross on di Sabbath day ( as e bi sey dat Sabbath day dey veri important to dem), di Juish oga dem kon tel Pilate sey, make dem break dia leg, to make sure sey dem don die, so dat dem go fit bring di dead bodi dem com down. 32 So di sojas kon break di leg of di oda two pipol wey dem kill wit Jisos. 33 But wen dem kon reach wer Jisos dey and si sey E don die kpata kpata, dem nor break en leg. 34 But one soja kon take spear chuk en side, den blood and wota kon dey pour out. 35 Di persin wey si am kon tok about am (and wetin e tok na tru and bicos e know and tok di trut), so dat una go biliv too. 36 All des tins hapun to prove sey, God word na tru bicos, “Dem nor go break one single bone for en bodi”. 37 God word also say, “Dem go kon look di persin wey dem don chuk en bodi” 38 Afta dis, Joseph wey com from Arimathea, wey bi Jisos secret discipol (bicos e dey fear di oda Juish oga dem, kon ask Pilate if e go fit carry Jisos dead bodi comot for der. Afta Pilate permit am, e go carry di dead bodi of Jisos comot.

Dem kon Bury Jisos

39 One man wey dem dey call Nicodemus, wey don first hide go si Jisos for night, kon follow Joseph, E carry scent wey get myrrh and aloe wey dem mix togeda, everitin kon weigh seventy-five pounds. 40 Den dem kon wrap Jisos bodi wit linen cloth and dem kon pour di scent for en bodi according to di way di Jus dey bury persin. 41 For di place wer dem kill Jisos, one garden dey der. For inside di garden, one new grave dey der wer dem neva bury anybodi bifor. 42 And bicos dat na di day wen di Jus dey prepare for di Passover Fist and bicos di new grave dey near der, dem kon bury Jisos inside der.


Jisos kon Wake up from Grave

1 Veri early in di morning of di first day of di week, wen day neva break, Mari Magdalin kon go wer di grave dey. E kon si sey dem don remove di stone wey dem take blok di mout of di grave. 2 Den e run go mit Simon Peta and Jon, kon tel dem, “Somebodi don carry di bodi comot from di grave, and wi nor sabi wer dem don go put am”. 3 So Peta and Jon kon bigin dey go wer di grave dey. 4 Di two of dem kon dey run togeda, but Jon kon run pass Peta and kon first am reach di grave. 5 Wen e ben down, e kon si di pieces of di linen cloth wey dem take wrap Jisos for ground, but e nor enta inside di grave. 6 Wen Simon Peta kon reach der, e kon enta inside di grave. E si di pieces of linen cloth for ground. 7 And di small face cloth wey dey for Jisos head nor dey for di same place were di oda pieces of cloth dey, but e dey for one corna by imsef. 8 Den di Jon kon enta inside and wetin e si kon make am biliv. 9 (Bicos dem neva sabi God word well well, sey Jisos go wake up afta E die).

Jisos Appear to Mari Magdalin

10 So di two discipols kon go back to dia house. 11 But Mari stay for outside di grave dey cry. As e dey cry, e kon ben down look inside di grave. 12 Den e kon si two angels, wey wear white cloth, sidon for wer dem put Jisos bodi, one dey for wer di head dey and di oda for were di leg dey. 13 Dem kon ask am, “Woman, wai yu dey cry”? Mari kon tel dem, “Dem don carri my oga comot, and I nor sabi wer dem go put am”. 14 Wen e don tok dis word, e turn round and e kon si Jisos stand for der, but e nor know sey na Jisos. 15 Jisos kon tel am, “Woman, wai yu dy cry? Na who yu dey look for?” Bicos Mari tink sey na di gardna, e kon say, “Oga, if na yu carry am comot, make yu tel mi wer yu go put am, I go go carri am”. 16 Jisos kon say, “Mari”, Den e kon turn round and kon tok to Am for Aramaic language, “Rabboni” (wey min Tisha). 17 Jisos kon ansa am, “Make yu nor touch mi yet, bicos I neva go up go mit my Papa. Make yu go mit my broda dem. Tel dem sey, ‘I dey go up go mit my Papa and yur Papa, to my God and yur God’”. 18 Den Mari Magdalin kon go mit di discipols for wer dem dey, kon tel dem sey, “I don si Oga Jisos”. E kon tel dem wetin Jisos tel am.

Jisos Appear to di Discipols

19 Dat evening, wey bi di first day of di week, di discipols kon gada togeda and dem lock di door of di house wey dem dey, bicos dem dey fear di Juish oga dem. Jisos kon stand wit dem and kon tel dem, “Make peace dey wit una”. 20 Wen E don tok dis word finish, E kon show dem en hand and di side wey dem take spiar chuk. Den di discipols kon glad well well, wen dem si Oga Jisos. 21 Den Jisos kon tel dem again, “Make peace dey wit una”. Just as my Papa send mi, na so I dey send una too”. 22 Wen E don tok finish, E kon breath for dia face, kon say, “Make una receive di Holi Spirit. 23 If una forgiv any persin en sin, God go forgiv am, but if una nor forgiv anybodi en sin, God nor go forgiv am”.

Jisos Show Imsef to Thomas

24 Dis taim so, Thomas (wey bi twins), one of di twelve discipols, nor dey der wen Jisos appear to dem. 25 Di oda discipols kon tel am, “Wi don si Oga Jisos. But e kon ansa dem, “Unless I si di wound wey dey di hand dem hama nail put and dip my finger for di hole wey di nail make and put my hand inside en bodi, I nor go eva biliv una”. 26 Afta eight days, wen all di discipols kon gada again inside di house, but dis taim Thomas dey der wit dem, and aldo dem lock di whole doors, Jisos kon appear and kon stand wit dem. E kon say, “Make peace dey wit una”. 27 Den E kon tok to Thomas, “Put yur finger for here, take am touch my hand. Stretch yur hand put inside my bodi. Make yu nor dey doubt again but make yu biliv”. 28 Thomas kon ansa am, “Oh! my oga and my God”. 29 Den Jisos kon tel am, “So yu don biliv bicos yu don si mi? God go bless dos pipol wey neva take eye si mi but wey biliv in mi”. 30 Jisos do many miracols for di front of en discipols wey dem nor write down for dis book. 31 But des ones wey dem write down so, na to make una biliv sey, na Jisos bi di Christ, and na Im bi God pikin, and if una biliv am, una go get life truw en name.


Jisos Appear to di Discipol in Galili

1 Afta dis, Jisos kon show imsef again to en discipols near di Sea of Tiberias. Dis na how e hapun. 2 Simon Pita andThomas (wey get twin broda), with Nataniel (wey en hometown na Cana for Galili), wit Zebedi pikin dem, wit two oda of Jisos discipols kon gada togeda. 3 Simon Pita kon tel dem, “I wan go catch fish ”. Demsefs kon say, “Wi go follow yu go too”. Den dem kon go enta di canu. But dat night, tins nor wok out for dem: dem nor catch any fish. 4 Wen day kon break, Jisos kon stand for di wotaside but di discipols nor know sey na im dey der. 5 Jisos kon ask dem, “My pikin una catch fish so? Dem kon say, “No”. 6 E kon tel dem, “Make una trow una net to di right side of di canu and una go catch som fish Afta dem don trow dia net inside di riva, dem nor fit draw di am comot from di wota, bicos di fish wey dem catch plenti too much. 7 Den di discipol wey Jisos lorv well well kon tel Peta, “Dis man na oga Jisos o o. Wen Simon Pita hear sey di man na oga Jisos, e kon quik quit tie en cloth well (bicos e nor wear anytin unda am), den e kon jump inside di riva. 8 By dis taim, di oda discipols don dey struggle to pull di canu and di net wit di plenti fish, from wer dem dey, go reach ground (na about one hundred yads long). 9 Wen dem don com down from di canu, dem kon si charcoal fire wer dem dey roast fish and som bread. 10 Jisos kon tel dem, “Make una bring some of di fish una catch”. 11 Den Simon Pita kon enta di canu, kon pull di net com for ground. Di net catch plenti big dish wey e reach one hundred and fifty-three, and e nor tear atall. 12 Jisos kon tel dem, “Make una com chop.” But non of di discipols fit ask am, “Who yu bi sef”, bicos dem biliv sey na oga Jisos e bi. 13 Den Jisos kon giv bread and fish to dem. 14 Dis make am di ted taim wen Jisos show imsef to en discipols, after E don get up from grave.

Jisos Forgiv Pita

15 Wen dem don chop finish, Jisos kon ask Simon Pita, “Simon, Jon pikin, yu lorv mi pass all dis oda tins?” E kon reply, “Yes, oga, yu know sey, I lorv Yu”. Jisos kon tel am. “Make yu feed my sheep”. 16 Jisos kon ask am again, “Simon, Jon pikin, yu really tink sey yu lorv mi?” E kon ansa Am, “Yes oga, Yu know sey I lorv Yu”. Jisos kon tel am, “Make yu take care of my sheep o o o”. 17 Jisos kon ask di ted taim, “Simon, Jon pikin, yu lorv mi so?” Pita heart kon cut, bicos Jisos ask am di same kwesion three taims, “Yu tink sey yu lorv mi so?” Den Pita kon say, “Oga, Yu sabi everitin, Yu know sey I really lorv Yu”. Jisos kon reply, “Make yu feed my sheep o o o.” 18 “I wan tel yu di real trut, wen yu dey small, yu dey do as yu like, dey tai yur cloth as yu like and dey go any place yu want, but wen yu don old, yu go spred yur hands and oda pipol go help yu tai yur cloth and dem go carri yu go wer yu nor wan go. 19 (Jisos tok dis to show how Pita go die and how e go honor God). Afta Jisos finish, E kon tel Pita, “Make yu follow mi”.

Jisos Tell to Follow Am

20 Wen Pita kon turn round, e kon si Jon, (di discipol wey Jisos lorv well well), dey follow dem. (Na im relax for Jisos bodi wen dem dey chop and also ask am, “Oga, who bi di persin wey go sell yu giv yur enemies”?) 21 Wen Pita kon si am, e kon ask Jisos, “Oga, wot about dis man?” 22 Jisos kon ansa am, “Make yu mind yur own business. If I want sey make e stay until I com back, which one consan yu? Make yu yursef follow”. 23 Den di rumor kon dey spred among di brodas and sistas, sey di discipol nor go die. But Jisos nor rilly tel Pita sey di oda discipol nor go die, but E tok sey, “If I want sey make e stay until I com back, which one consan yu inside?” 24 Na dis bi di discipol wey bear witness about des tins and wey write des tins, and wi know sey wetin e write, nor bi lai. 25 Jisos do many oda tins wey dem nor fit write down. If to sey dem write all of dem down, di world nor get space to contain all di books wer dem go write dem.