Copy the flashplayer to your website. Simply cut and paste the text from 
Flash Player 
to the body of your web page. This all you need to do to link to all the mp3 
recordings of GospelGo.


You can also modify the flash player to suit your needs.

There are two sets of three fields to modify. The two sets are to accomodate both 
Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

Movie field: 

You may change this to the location of your own flash player. You can customize the 
colors and size. Download the flash player program from 
Wimpy Player

WimpyApp field:
/World.xml or /x/EN00001.mp3


The xml file is a playlist. It consists of mp3 addresses and/or other xml file addresses.
Example xml file:

/World.xmlThe Gospel in Every Language Good News A Good News B Songs from Many Folds A Songs from Many Folds B Hymns of the Atolls Hymns of the Atolls Mbya Praises Mbya Praises
/x/EN00001.mp3EN00001 Fairest Lord Jesus
/x/MN00067.mp3MN00067 Mongolian Psalm 67

wimpySkin field:
Here you can customize the appearance of the flash player. The program to customize is 
available from Wimpy Player.