Go Forth and Multiply

God said to Adam and Eve, Be fruitful and multiply.

During the Cultural Revolution, it was difficult to find a Holy Bible. Police confiscated Bibles and dragged Christian pastors to prison. Sometimes we would wander from village to village for the Bread of Life. It seemed that a dark cloud of atheism and materialism choked the land.

Today the heavenly wind (internet) makes it easy for us to share the Bible. We go forth and multiply the Word to friends, neighbors and relatives. In one month I was able to distribute twenty thousand Bibles to every province. Many of you are doing the same. God bless you.

Jesus Goes Forth and Multiplies

1 这些事以后,耶稣在提比哩亚海边,又向门徒显现。他怎样显现记在下面。 2 有西门彼得,和称为抵土马的多马,并加利利的迦拿人拿但业,还有西庇太的两个儿子,又有两个门徒,都在一处。 3 西门彼得对他们说,我打鱼去。他们说,我们也和你同去。他们就出去,上了船,那一夜并没有打着什么。 4 天将亮的时候,耶稣站在岸上。门徒却不知道是耶稣。 5 耶稣就对他们说,小子,你们有吃的没有。他们回答说,没有。 6 耶稣说,你们把网撒在船的右边,就必得着。他们便撒下网去,竟拉不上来了,因为鱼甚多。 7 耶稣所爱的那门徒对彼得说,是主。那时西门彼得赤着身子,一听见是主,就束上一件外衣,跳在海里。 8 其馀的门徒(离岸不远,约有二百肘,(古时以肘为尺,一肘约有今时尺半)就在小船把那网鱼拉过来。 9 他们上了岸,就看见那里有炭火,上面有鱼,又有饼。 10 耶稣对他们说,把刚才打的鱼,拿几条来。 11 西门彼得就去,(或作上船)把网拉到岸上,那网满了大鱼,共一百五十三条。鱼虽这样多,网却没有破。
John 21:1-11

Did you notice the number of fish that resulted? 153. This represents the nations. Students know the factors that caused this result: 17 and 9. Yes, 17 multiplied by 9 equals 153.

There are 17 things that cannot separate us from the love Christ. The 17 things are:
1 tribulation
2 distress
3 persecution
4 famine
5 nakedness
6 peril
8 sword
9 death
10 life
11 angels
12 principalities
13 powers
14 things present
15 things to come
16 height
17 depth
Romans 8:35-39

These represent the 17 obstacles we can overcome. But where is the power to overcome them? It is found in the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit:
1 the word of wisdom
2 the word of knowledge
3 faith
4 healing
5 working of miracles
6 prophecy
7 discerning of spirits
8 kinds of tongues
9 interpretation of tongues
1 Corinthians 12:8-10

Through the power of the 9 gifts we overcome all 17 obstacles. So then 17 obstacles multiplied by 9 gifts equals 153 victories!

Farmers say, Seed plus labor equals harvest.

1 Seed: Click on this link, and download the Bible for yourself.
2 Labor: Copy the link, and send to friends by email or QQ.
3 Harvest: The harvest yields more seed.

Go Forth and Multiply!