Sichuan Earthquake

On a day just like today, students attended their class. Many had prepared their lesson. Some had not. The teacher stood ready to teach. Suddenly the building shook. Girls screamed. Boys tried to save themselves. All were caught trapped. The walls fell upon them. Many died instantly. Some died slowly in the rubble before help arrived.

We all live in a building that will collapse. That building is our body. We hope that our body will not die today. We do not like to think that our body will collapse one day.

Oh! If only a messenger could have warned the students to escape the school. But who would have believed him? The sun was shining outside. And the students were busy with their class.

Jesus warns us of our danger. He preaches about heaven and hell. Jesus says there is a highway that goes to hell. Many walk on it. A narrow path goes to heaven. Few people find it.

Jesus sends messengers through every province of our land. They preach, "It is appointed for man once to die. After this is the judgment!" Few follow the warning. Many do not listen.

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." Are you a fool? Who has warned you to escape the anger of God?