Jesus Christ is the Son of God

In Arab countries the Injeel has been suppressed for years. No wonder there is ignorance of Jesus Christ. The prophet Mohamed spoke highly of both the Lord Jesus and of the Injeel. He called upon the faithful to respect "the people of the Book", namely the Jews and Christians. Yet today maybe one out of a hundred dhivehi kudhin have ever read the Injeel. The Holy Bible is rare in Male'. The book* of God does not exist in some atolls. Fanatics fear that islam will crumble when Maldivians are free to read the Bible.

The Injeel and the Holy Bible praise Jesus as the Son of God.
Many witnesses give proof:
+ Witness of God the Father
+ Witness of Jesus himself
+ Witness of the Holy Spirit
+ Witness of his disciples
+ Witness of his enemies
+ Witness of the holy scriptures

Hear their wonderful testimony. Read:
The Son of God

*see prominent Dhivehi author on the Korans