Christian Library Discovered in Male'

Residents are importing 'forbidden' literature via the internet. Affected areas include Dhilbahaaru Magu, Rahdhebai Magu, Husnuheenaa Magu, Sayyidhkilegefaanu Magu and Haveeree Higun. About 1100 people are involved. Books considered dangerous (to a dictatorship) are:

The Holy Injil of Easa al Maseehu
The Bible Download
Freedom in the Maldives
Dhivehi Messages
Dhiraagu is still blocking GospelGo? Surf GospelGo and the Dhivehi Observer through an anonymous proxy server.

The NSS has not been able to consficate all the literature due to technical difficulties. More cells in Dhoonidhoo may prepared for the growing number of Christian believers. The church of India and Sri Lanka is praying for their friends here. The devil trembles. Enemies of Jesus are worried like hell.

Jesus says, You will be hated by all men for my sake ...
It will happen that whoever kills you will think that he is doing God a service.